OPEN LETTER TO “Concerned Nigerians” By Ambrose Bernard Gowong


“We are willing and ready to accept ZakZaky as a neighbor. Infact our kaduna co’ordinator (John Danfulani) and members both in kaduna city and Zaria are willing to house ZakZaky and his wife….”  

Above is a statement from a Pro-democracy group “Concerned Nigerians” signed by Messrs Deji Adeyanju and John Danfulani convener and secretary respectively. While it is of no concern of mine to query the motive behind such a statement and demand from this Pro-democracy group, as globally democracy which Nigeria profess and practiced encapsulate such as an ingredient.

My concern however is on John Danfulani a known personality in the ‘Southern Kaduna struggle’. If John Danfulani or the group which he is a secretary and state co’ordinator has that capacity to house or provide shelter to ZakZaky and his family, why didn’t he simply apply that in housing IDPs in southern kaduna? Or put differently, how many people rendered homeless as a result of incessant attacks of southern kaduna villages has he or his group provided shelter for?

One would have thought the more logical thing for this group or for John Danfulani to have done is to first show the world what they have done in terms of provision of accommodation, logistics or feeding the internally displaced people of southern Kaduna, or is the southern kaduna ‘struggle’ all about ranting without providing logistics? Or is John Danfulani saying providing accommodation to ZakZaky and his family pending their reintegration into the society is of high premium to him than of his kiths and kins displaced by suspected fulani marauders?

Yours faithfully,

Ambrose Bernard Gowong

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