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Opinion: AS SAIDU ADAMU ROLL UP THE SLEEVES – Ambrose Bernard Gowong

In his media chat of August 31st 2017, Governor Nasir Elrufai of Kaduna state clearly adduced the rationale behind recycling two resource politicians of Kaduna extraction; Alh. Lawal Samaila Yakawada and Hon. Saidu Abdullahi Adamu. These two folks to any with nose for political happenings within the landscape of Kaduna requires no introduction. According to Gov. Elrufai both were asked by his administration to deploy their dexterity while on transit for federal appointment.

To accommodate these folks for the task ahead, a special nomenclature “Councillor” was innovated by government to absolve their posture. While yakawada was handled the councilor for political, Hon. Saidu A. Adamu was donated the position councillor for information and communication.

Saidu Adamu also know as the “Candyman” a radio codename for his exploits that stood him out during his youthful days as one who attracted fame and fortunes to kaduna state media corporation (KSMC 90.9FM) deserve a special mention here with regards to his accomplishments in time past. Between 2003-2007, he was the chairman House committee on information kaduna state house of assembly. There after he went on to become the longest (7 years) serving commissioner for Information and Home Affairs kaduna state serving three different governments; Arc Namadi Sambo, Late Patrick yakowa and Alh. Ramalan Yero the immediate past governor. This period witnessed a mutual but robust relationship between the press across the country and kaduna state government. It was on the backdrop of successes recorded within this period, Gov. Elrufai decided to have a slice of him while waiting at the departure hall.

This supposed brief return of saidu Adamu (it may be protracted) seemed succinctly summerized in a track titled “knocking boots” by incidentally one of Adamu’s favourite American hip-hop artist “Candyman”. In that track “This time is one of a kind, blowing your mind like only the Candyman can like a heavyweight champion knockin’ em out, another bout without a doubt. Once again you can scream and shout when I rock the bells yell out my name. This is what you’ve been missing”.

These few lines from “Knockin’ boots” to a very large extend represents/captures the reception/mood within the journalists circles in kaduna. Since he (Adamu) left the scene, the relationship between journalists in kaduna and government can be safely put to be in one of its worst moments. In less than three years under the present administration, four journalists from kaduna had bitter encounter with the state government with some having to stay some days in remand custody. This does not illuminate an atmosphere of cordial relationship between Government and journalists. Saidu Adamu will not only be expected to see this as his first charge line, but will as well be expected to resuscitate expressly this ailing and dying relationship.

His ability to within the shortest possible time reawaken the spirits of journalists in kaduna state occasioned by a frosty relationship to cover effectively activities of government may determine whether or not ‘Malam’ may have a stroll in the park or swimming against the tide come 2019.

Again, Saidu Adamu will be rolling up his sleeves at a time when people adversely affected by Elrufai policies, folks mentally of the old order on one hand combines with opposition party and disgruntled party members who suffers lack of political patronage on another hand to paint Elrufai as the worse thing to have happened in Kaduna state. If Adamu can speedily undo this narrative, history books may donate a chapter and reasonable number of pages in his honor.

In consulting with stakeholders, Adamu should not only spread his net to capture those within the urban areas alone, concerted efforts should be made also to locate and magnet friends and foes bruised politically in the 23 local government areas. This also means Adamu MUST travel to all the local government areas to consult physically and not through proxies.

Saidu Adamu must also as a matter of urgent attention look into the activities of the state owned media outfit KSMC. Uninspired and poorly paid presentation officers may never be on the same page and pace with government activities. There is urgent need now than before to review upwards artiste allowances who are the main drivers of KSMC, if any semblance of quality is to be seen or heard from that direction.

It’s been ten days today since his official unveiling last week Tuesday along with others the task ahead is one without luxury of time. As he pulls his surgical blade, needle and syringe to operate, the world watches with keen interest how he intends to breathe life into an already choked and suffocating environment



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