OPINION: Asking The Right Question About Nigeria- By Y.I.Goje

Nigeria is not the problem, the problem is Nigerians; because there is no Nigeria without Nigerians. There are two types of Nigerians, the leaders and the led. One cannot function without the other, one is the reflection of the other.

While you criticize the leaders, of which it is your right to; honestly ask yourself are you performing your roles and responsibilities as a citizen? For the past one week what have you done to add value to Nigeria, aside criticizing leaders. Remember, if you are pointing an accusing finger at the leaders, four others are pointing back at you.

There is a demand (led) and supply (leaders) side of government, the quality of demand by the led in this case should determine the quality of supply from the leaders. If you criticize your leader and do not know the content of the 2021 budget (which is public) then you are part of the problem.

Have you reflected on the definition of democracy, which states – government of, by and for the people? It means without your active participation (not just criticism) democracy cannot work. In as much as our leaders are not performing to our expectations, we are equally responsible for the Nigeria we get.

Have you taken time to read and understand section 14 (2a,b,c) of the 1999 constitution as amended? The key points to note are: soveingnty belongs to the people; security and welfare of the people is the primary purpose of Government; and the participation of the people in their government is guaranteed.

It is time to change how we engage, lets begin to ask the right questions and hold our leaders accountable. Pick INTEREST in issues of governance, INFORM yourself (Development Plans, Policies, Budgets, Service Delivery and Reforms), INVOLVE like-minds, be INNOVATIVE, take INITIATIVE and INSIST until you get what you want.



  1. Nigerian are victim of circumstances, many among us have never found chance to make the choice of the genuine persons avail but we must push on, one someday positively will prevail And those with NIGERIA at heart will unit with the actualization of good will.i intend a better Nigeria.

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