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OPINION: Edo 2024: Not Business As Usual

Reading some lines about Shaibu retracing his steps back to reconcile with Oshiomhole, APC family and asking for Gubernatorial ticket of APC come 2024, it is actually mind blowing and same time laughable.

On the clause that he shunned Governor Obaseki’s swearing-in of Commissioners to attend Oshiomhole’s swearing-in is another funny assertion. In our opinion, the Governor would have fixed another date for the State affair.

If all the Candidates he projected had scaled through, maybe he would not have done that.

Many of the political drama, quietness, actions and inactions are actually geared towards Edo 2024 Governorship election.

In the recent past, open and behind the scene cross carpeting has been taking place; many more would still take place.

Unlike the build up to the 2016 election when Governor Adams Oshiomhole projected Mr. Godwin Obaseki above all other contenders, this would not be possible for Edo 2024.

Candidates who may still be relying on such projection definitely have their ambition dead on arrival.

We have tagged Edo 2024 a free for all political parties struggle. No one party or any group has the confidence to say that their projected Candidate would win the election. There is need for concrete analysis of the situation to be made using the reality on ground.

What played out in the recently conducted presidential, NASS and House Assembly elections are clear indications that no political party currently has the monopoly of winning election.

Edo 2024 unlike other elections would be a stand alone election with a lot of vested interest, however, the voice of the people would stem the tide. Any political party whose Candidate cannot appeal to the people’s conscience would definitely not fly.

Competence, track record and pedigree of the persons behind the Candidate would be some of the major determining factors. The people are watching, observations are being made and records are being taken.

We of the Governor From Edo Central (GOFEC) Team have our appeal in place and our support to give when the time comes. In same manner there are some other groups also pushing similar or at variant position.

However, our support in the fullness of time would definitely be towards our mandate irrespective of political affiliation. GOFEC will definitely go with the party that aligns with her mandate though with determining factor being competence.

There is still time to make amends and clarifications, time to tell the people what you are truly made of.

We must also know that verification after election will no longer hold sway, we would verify before the election and report same to the public as they need to be informed.

So from the above, we should by now know that Edo 2024 will not be business as usual.

GOFEC stands for Equity, Fairness & Justice, with focus on Competence, Integrity and Accountablility (CIA)

GOFEC Conveners



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