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Press Release: RIFAN inaugurates Anchor Borrowers implementation committee

The Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN) has inaugurated the Implementation and Rapid Response Committee (IRRC) for the pilot phase of the CBN/RIFAN Model Anchor Borrowers’ Programme.
Inaugurating the committee at the RIFAN headquarters in Abuja on Thursday, ‎the National President, Alhaji Aminu Goronyo, represented by the National Vice President, Alhaji Abdullahi Yawa‎ stated that intensive as the programme is, implementation was imperative to ensure its quality, quantity as well as timeliness.
“It is therefore demanding on all members of RIFAN as well as other stakeholders involved in this project to ensure that no aspect of our contribution to this project will be lacking in quality, quantity or timeliness.
“A project as complex and extensive as this requires close monitoring of its implementation, supervision and reporting at every stage and time, to ensure that nothing slips and in the unexpected event of any slip, such is noticed timely and the necessary remedial action is taken,” he stressed.
He added that the formation of the IRRC was important and the membership was based on the confidence reposed in individuals that formed the Committee. “With this invitation I express my confidence in each and every one of you, and that working together we will realize the noble objective of this Programme,” he stated.
Terms of Reference of the Committee include:
Evolving of a framework of activities and schedules, in which all stakeholders will participate to ensure quality and timely delivery of goods and services that will ensure a successful implementation of this project, from beginning to end;
Follow up on all essential data gathering of farmers’ records, ensuring timeliness;‎ Ensure appropriate reconciliation of the farmers’ records with the requisite inputs/services to be provided, including the cost of these items;
Establish where necessary, Technical Working Group(s) to carry out specialised functions;
Establish a distribution structure for the inputs/services, including necessary logistics, training orientation to ensure a hitch-free distribution of the inputs and services;‎ Follow up on the distribution of inputs/services ensuring reconciliation of same;
Follow up on Project Monitoring Team (PMT) for timely payment for inputs/services supplied and distributed to beneficiary farmers;
Ensure a process of following up and reporting on the farmers to ensure that inputs/services are appropriately and timely applied, to achieve the best results for the farmer.
Others are to follow up on the progress of the farms up to harvest, to ensure that any unforeseen happening is reported and necessary action is taken;‎ Follow up on the harvest, threshing and winnowing including the bagging and delivery of the produce into storage, with appropriate measurement and recording of the produce;‎ Ensure reconciliation of produce for appropriate payment upon off-taking;‎ Ensure financial reconciliation and timely payment of the farmers as well as part-repayment of the farmer’s loan and ‎submit a final report to RIFAN Executive Council.
On the structure of the Committee, Goronyo explained that ‎”in line with the aim of rapid response, the Committee has been constituted in such a way as to be able to replicate quickly, a similar structure in the respective Zones, States, Local Governments and Wards. This will enable this National Committee to receive timely information right from the Wards, for necessary actions.”
The President further stated that if success was to be achieved, prompt reporting was required.
“Significant and prompt reporting is very essential for our success. A competent Secretary is therefore very important at every level of the Committees to ensure that the National Committee gets prompt reports for every necessary action.”
He urged the Committee to be diligent in carrying our the duties assigned to it.
Members of the Committee include the RIFAN Lead Consultant, Alhaji Bashiru Yusuf Ibrahim  to serve as Chairman and the ‎Input Suppliers’ Representative, Alfred Mkparu as Secretary.
Members are Special Assistant to RIFAN President on Media and Communication, Abdallah el-Kurebe; Deputy President, Mr. Segun Atho -Southwest Rep; National Vice President, Alhaji Abdullahi Yawa – North Central Rep;‎ Special Assistant to RIFAN President on ICT, Mohammed Alimu; CBN Representative; BOA Representative; Mechanisation Representative; Mr. Tunde Kayode;
RIFAN National Secretary, Mr. Livinus Ngwangwa‎ – South-East Rep; Farmers’ Co-op Representative, Mr. Alphonsus Inyang – South-South Rep; National Vice President, Auwal Mohammed – North-West Rep and
State Chairman, RIFAN Ahmad Duku ‎- North-East Rep
Responding on behalf of other Committee members, Ibrahim assured RIFAN of members readiness to implement the terms of reference diligently


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