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Providing Electricity For You Is Not My Job, Gwagwalada Chairman Tell Angwan Dodo ‎Community

By Emmanuel Peter, Abuja
The Chairman of Gwagwalada Area Council, Hon. Adamu Mustapha, popularly known as Obama, has told Angwan Dodo primary school community not to expect rural electrification from him. That it is the sole responsibility of the power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) or Abuja Electricity Distributors Company (AEDC).. 

The community is facing serious nightmare over poor electricity supply for more than two years, which has crippled the economic activities of the area.
Narrating ‎the ordeal, one of the resident of the area, Mr. Danjuma Musa, shared his  experience with our reporter. He stated that the area has been passing through a lot of  agony for lack of electricity supply for over two years.
His words: “I have been residing in this ‘Angwan’ for the pass two and getting to three-years ‎now.. We are experiencing total blackout here. You can never have electricity supply comfortably for a whole day. They said we are sharing the light yet you will never see the light even on a day you suppose to have. According to them (PHCN) that they will be giving us light in 3days interval but I tell you even in those days, we don’t get the light more than 3hours and that is even on a very good day. Because if we miss it then we have to wait for the next six days. So, going by calculations we don’t use to have light up to 4days in a month. Infact, I don’t know whether this area is part of Abuja”.
He noted that complains has been laid to PHCN, AEDC and to Gwagwalada Area council and nothing has been done. Adding that even the Chairman who promised them during his campaigns that if he wins the election, he  will assist them to tackle the problem but is over a year now, he has done nothing.
Another resident who complained on the condition of anonymity, said, the area has been passing through a horrible experience for lack of electricity supply. Pointing that all parts of Gwagwalada will have power supply but Angwan Dodo primary school will remain in darkness for days. “Infact, we are at the mercy of PHCN because they are doing what they like. Tell me, PHCN will flash you with light on a day they wish to and you will never have it again until several days. You can maging the truma we are passing through by staying without electricity for a whole week. We are in a mess! You can not   comfortably charge your handset to a full capacity with electricity light. The Chairman is doing nothing about it and PHCN also is doing nothing”.
Effort to speak with the Chairman of Gwagwalada Area Council over the issue was abortive as he snobbed our reporter who visited his office three times to get his clarification on the matter by claiming to be too busy. He only responded to a phone call by saying,”power supply is the responsibility of PHCN not the area council”.


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