1- He has over 25 years experience of fighting for Democracy in Nigeria

2-He would bring his experience to bear helping the PDP to defeat the APC in 2019 polls .

3- As the PDP chair ,High Chief Dokpesi would not allow impunity nor party imposition of candidates

4-Dokpesi will certainly allow for internal party democracy in the PDP .

5- He won’t allow the party machinery to be hijacked by Governors ,Senators or other executives .

6-He had earlier on indicated that the youths would be allowed to gradually assume the mantle of leadership in the party and the nation at large .He is therefore a credible vehicle for the gradual transmission of leadership of Nigeria to the youth .

7- He will help the PDP formulate sound economic policies which will pull Nigerians out of the economic mess the APC has plunged the country .

8- As a victim of Government vindictiveness and smear campaigns,having prevailed and exposing Government hypocrisy , Dokpesi has vowed that under his
the PDP will stand by its members wrongly accused of untoward acts and would help defend them from victimization.

9-Dokpesi happened to be the only candidate visited nearly all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria to indicate to Nigerians that he is interested in the position of the PDP chairman .This makes him the most serious. credible and reliable .

10- Dokpesi would give all party members low and high sense of belonging in the party as he is set to implement a grassroot plan meant to reach out to party faithfuls in all the 774 Local Government

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