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Remembering Martins Baker. (A Tribute To The Blind Superstar)

Martins Baker the Mender of Broken Hearts….you spirit leaves on.

Today makes it 19 years that Martins Baker passed on to eternal glory.
Though you are gone your ideals still keeps me strong.
You, indeed was a mender of broken hearts.
Each time I remember our time together I am glad that you were not just a senior brother to me but also a mentor and a motivator.
You were one of the pioneers of fm radio presentation in kaduna, your show on Metro sound (Supreme ) FM 96.1 locked down Kaduna.
If I may ask….How is that side? How are the many folks that worked with you here that have since gone that way too….folks like Jumai Bello Aku, Umoru Musa (Presidio), Lt. Stagger, Pat Francis (Akada Queen) , Nurudeen Giwa, Tony Sagbe, and recently Chika Ejimofor.
We miss you dearly….Though I suspect that folks on that side can see us on this side but if not here is an update on what’s been happen since you left….
1- we are now in a democracy since 1999
2- Metro sound is now Supreme FM
3- She gave birth to a boy , he was name after you, he is now a man and he looks just like you. I am sure you know his mother passed on long ago.
4- We have all gotten married, Me, Bode Moses , Pascal ATTAH, Jack James, Umar social, Sam T, James Jonathan, …..we are too many to list here.
5- Hope you and General don settle for yonder? I know that Justina and Clara will always wade in as usual and resolve whatever issue there are.
6- Many people still talk about you and how you and you impacted on them positively….do you remember Gramo, Samson Decca, Toyon Alabi, Medina Dauda, Sadaat Mahmoud, Zico Bare & , Harstaup , Rev. Father Matins, John Baba, Rose T&D, Thommyroll, Bobio, Otis, Habila, SMG, Stella Bond, Christy Eseigbe, Rev Bran, Susan, Abayomi Abayomi Muhammad Alabi, Gloria , Maria Ihoma,
7- Have Balla Miller (Costain Club) and Mr Balogun(Broadway club)located you? I know you are their senior over there and you will also take good care of them…..I am sure you have since linked up with Nana Foster.
……Do take it easy on yourself and others around you over there because like you always say….life is for the living (living?)….sorry I don’t know what adjective to use. But you understand what I mean.
Even as I write you this note, the song that is bussing in my head is # Eric Clapton’s ‘Tears in Heaven’
I miss you Martins….
May your soul continue to rest in peace.


  1. The contributions of Martin Baker- the legendary blind superstar – to mankind is unputdownable. He was in a world of his own. Continue to rest in perfect peace Martin, until we meet to part no more…

  2. I remembered this name today as I was discussing with my wife about life in Kaduna city 1995 through 1998. The blind super star program on FM kad helped me to cope with all the challenges I was going through then in Kaduna. his advice and words of encouragement while on that program were a point of light for me, he was indeed a mender of the broken heart. Though he’s gone to rest but his words lives forever in our heart. Rest on Martin Baker

  3. I remember growing up listening to him. Was just telling my wife about him and I decided to Google and your piece came up.
    May his soul and others rest in peace.

  4. U were right and i concur with all said here. May he and they continue to rest in peace.

    Martins Baker was a great Blind super star.

  5. I remember Martins Baker, the mender of broken hearts the blind superstar. I was just a child in primary four when I was featured on his program I came 3rd in a writing competition he anchored. That was my first and last time of seeing him. He was such a sweet soul and his voice makes up for what his eyes lost. I cried when I the news of his death was aired on radio. I am glad I met you. I miss your program and voice. Rest on!

  6. Please, what was the name of the theme song that kickstarted his evening show? I like that track so much. May his soul rest in peace. What a great guy.

  7. How can the world forget such a legend and talent!It brings tears to eyes and pains to the heart each time one recalls! God grant Martins repose he was a true friend and sincere lover of truth and people!

  8. Infact this is 2021.
    Who will ever forget Martins Baker the blind super star. Who touched
    So many lives including my in those days of despiration with hope for better life.
    Yes “mender of broken heart” rest on ..i love you so much.
    I was listening to that special song you always play in my car as i parked (Be happy dont worry)and your thought flashes my mind.
    Yes your mark on earth on the side of positive will leave on.
    And thanks to the writer of this tribute..
    And thanks for the memories
    My hero the blind super star may your soul find peace…thank you so much.

  9. I remembered him today and decided to google his name. Then I stumbled on this. Getting to know that Tony Ibrahim Sagbe the 1st(dread without locks, Umoru Musa(Presido), Jummai Aku, The Arabian Prince and the rest have gone, got me sober.
    Martins Baker, the Blind Superstar. Mender of broken hearts. With over two billion watts of fun, enough to keep a nation going. Hey Honey, stay with me and I will make your night a “wow.”


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