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Restructuring Nigeria Is The Best Idea Because That Will Take The Nation Forward-Chief Kenneth 

By Peter Emmanuel, Gombe.
The President general of Igbos in Gombe and national treasury Igbos in the 19 northern states and Abuja, Chief Kenneth Onyebuchi Okeugo, Ohamafike 1 ‎of Abia, has called for restructuring of Nigeria, saying that is the only way Nigeria can move forward and have peace. 

He ‎noted this while addressing journalists on his Sallah message to Muslims faithful across the country on the Eid-El-Fitr celebration.
He however, extended his hand of friendship to all the Muslims in Gombe State and Nigeria in general for marking this years Eid-El-Fitr Celebration. “I wish to extend my hand of friendship on behalf of all the Igbos living in Gombe State, we wish all our Muslim brothers in Nigeria and the entire Gombe State a happy Eid-El-Fitr Celebration. We are also celebrating the Sallah with them because I believe all of us are serving one God”.
Reacting to the quit notice giving to Igbos by the arewa youth to quit the North by October 1st; Mr. Kenneth stressed that the peace and unity of Nigeria is paramount and is none negotiable. Adding that Nigerians should avoid inflementory statements that will bring disunity in the country. “Restructuring of Nigeria, I think is the best Idea which will go alongway in the development and growth of this country”.
He also expressed concern that the federal government has not been able to tackle the numerous agitations across the country. Pointing that there must be reason for every agitation or reaction and the responsibility of the government is to find out and not to closed its ears from hearing the cry of her baby. “I think there are reasons for all the agitations we are having here and there and I think the government has a lot to do in order to maintain peace. Supposedly your child is crying every day to your ears, as a father what do you do? I think a reasonable father will call his child and find out what is really going wrong with him or her. To know what makes him or her cry all the time and by doing that you will be able to resolve the problem”.
He maintained that the problem Nigeria is currently facing lays in the hands of the leaders. He however, called on the leaders to take decisive decision that will uphold the unity of the country and for the best interest of the people.


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