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Sex With The Rich And Powerful: The Rituals Angle

By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

Nigerians are major league hypocrites when it comes to sex. Ordinarily, I am not bothered by what consenting adults do, in their bedrooms. I only care about sex, when it is rape, when a minor is involved or when you preach something to us (sinners) and do something else like Apornstu Sul***n. There are powerful men and women who have swinging parties in Nigeria, it doesn’t bother me. I know those who sail on high seas with naked girls serving them champagne and all other services, it is their call. Na their money kill am. I am concerned when you steal your people blind, when your state is populated by school age kids sentenced to Almajrici while you blindfold the rest with Sharia only to be having a threesome in a filthy, seedy hotel. I will jeer and sneer at you. I will write about you.

One message is lost on most people who watched the “Bukar video”. The lady said she recorded the video to save her life because a girl slept with the Senator and was never seen, nor heard from, again. Don’t ask me why she had sex with him after knowing that fact. I’m not her and that is not the import of this update. I once wrote on this page how I paid two girls off, in an Ibadan hotel a few years ago when the Lagos/Ibadan socialite they slept with refused to pay. Girls sleep with politicians and the rich knowing the risks involved but the lure of immediate cash won’t let them reason.

The politicians, the rich, the powerful and the ambitious are all in on this game but everyone maintains the Christian or Muslim facade. How many men after 45 years of age can romp all night with a woman? No be this world we dey? To all middle aged men reading this, how long ago have you been able to pull of the second round of sex with a woman before the cock crows at dawn? The truth is that libido goes south after 40. At middle age, after one round of sex, most men go into their seismic level snoring to be woken up mercifully in the morning. Politicians have nocturnal meetings with little sleep, they have terrible drinking habit, drug use, obesity, hypertension and diabetes; how come they are able to have sex more and better than most “normal” men?

It is all a facade! They use these girls and women for rituals. These women are sacrificed to their demons for power, position and money. There is a governor who must have sex with a virgin daily. He pays handsomely for it. His aides know but they aid and abet him by procuring the girls for him. Why? There are many politicians that are hailed as powerful, who bathe in human blood once a week. Many young girls die within a month of sleeping with these men. Many of them lose their essense and nothing works for them again after having sex with these men. Why was the Okija Shrine investigation buried? Why was Clifford Orji’s case messed up? Many of these men maintain large bedrooms that no woman must enter because it is a shrine.

In one of my roaming mode, a lady tripped because she stepped on her flowing skirt as she alighted from a bus on the peninsula one day in 2012. I rushed to aid her but she was more concerned with her purse. Little tortoises fell out from her purse and she dived for them as if they were diamonds. I watched as she picked them up, gently, back into her purse. I spoke to her and asked; “Will they stay alive in there?” She replied; “Yes ma! You do well o. I must protect myself. Naija no easy. I no wan die before my time. Na inside lion mouth money dey and I must to find am. Naija men no get chill o! You f@#$ dem finish, collect money na to die before you spend am. If na bad market, I go dey see tortoise crawl for im bodi. Na to run be dat. Auntie, bye ma. You do well o. I dey hurry go Eko hotel.”

Powerful women are in on it too. They recruit young men whom they lure and use. Many of them have marabouts from Senegal and Mali living with them in a dedicated shrine permanently. When they sleep with you, your own don baje be that unless you are super good in koko and you are kept for service. Sadly, these men and women are accorded so much respect in their places of worship.

Na ordinary eye person dey take maintain madness? You think say na small thing to maintain evil? Dem dey do dem thing, dey join una for church and masalachi, dey pray, dey go. God no dey quick judge abi? Demons full Naija I beg! Na occult jungle!



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