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Smoking Weed & Sipping Hennessy: Lessons From Sunshine Hotel

Dimeji stormed out of the room, “Ireti did you take money from my pocket again?”

“Yes I did.” Ireti replied with confidence.

Dimeji, “how many times have I told you to always inform me before taking my money?”

Ireti, look here my dear, I don’t need any permission to take money from my husband. My husband’s money is our money.”

Dimeji, “okay. What of your own money?”

Ireti, “that one is my money of course.”

Dimeji, “oh, so your money is yours but my money is ours abi? Iretioluwa, Let this be the last time that you will take money from me without asking me first.”

Dimeji left for his place of work.

The following Tuesday, as Dimeji got his car ready for work, Ireti, slides into her husband’s pocket as usual, and helped herself with new notes or mints.

As she pulled out some cash, an envelope fell out of his pocket.

The envelope was addressed to her husband.

Out of curiosity, Ireti opened the unsealed envelope and read the content…

“Dimeji, my love, we are currently lodged at the Sunshine Hotel at Idiroko, that you booked for us. I came along with Romeo and Juliet-Our two children. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday as agreed.

I’m sorry I can’t call or send SMS because of your so called wife.

Always remember that I am your one and only.
signed, Monica.

Just then, Ireti heard her husband’s footsteps. She quickly hid both the letter and the money.

When Dimeji entered the bedroom, he didn’t suspect anything.

He reminded his wife of his business trip, ” honey, don’t forget that I will be traveling this Friday. I will be back on Sunday.”

Ireti nodded. But was still in shock. “So Dimeji is cheating on me?!” She sobbed. Anger swelling up in her eyes…

Dimeji stepped out of the house. Ireti went to see her bestie (a divorcee) and showed her the letter.

“Ireti, I have told you many times that all men are bad and they cannot be trusted.” Mosun taunted her friend.

Ireti, “what do I do now?”

Mosun, “we are going to catch them red handed. You just Leave everything to me.”

Saturday morning, at 5am, Ireti and her friend Mosun set out for Idiroko. The journey was very long and stressful. They spent over 5 hours on the road but anxious to see the ‘Harlot and her children.’

Mosun had arranged everything including a media crew to cover the whole saga.

On getting to Sunshine Hotel, they made inquiries and discovered there was nobody lodged by the name ‘Monica or Dimeji.’

“How are you madam?”
Someone greeted Ireti at the reception. It was Lawrence, her husband’s former driver.

“Lawrence, what are you doing here?” Ireti asked, surprised to see him.

“I now work here ma. What brought you here?” Lawrence asked eager to assist.

“Erm, erm, I came to check on a friend, Monica. She told me she has been staying here since Monday.”

Surprised, “but madam, that can not be true ma. We are currently upgrading our facilities. We didn’t take any guest this week at all. Maybe you should call her.
How is Oga? Hope he is fine? I haven’t seen him in a long time,” said Lawrence.

“He is fine. Sorry, we need to leave right now”, Ireti said, shaking.

Ireti pulled Monica and they returned back home.

Ireti got home late, completely devastated, worn out and confused.

As she approached the living room door, she heard the television was on, lights were on in the house.

She opened the front doot and met her husband in the living room, sitting on the couch, eating popcorn and watching movie.

Ireti became more confused. Her Husband was not supposed to be at home.

Dimeji said, “surprised to see me? For your information, I didn’t go anywhere. I only went to see my dad yesterday and got back this morning by 8am.” He laughed out loud.

“I figured you will fall for my trap. Didn’t I warn you, didn’t I tell you to stop the habit of ransacking my personal belongings looking for what is not lost? I hope you enjoyed your fruitless journey to Sunshine Hotel.” Dimeji laughed even very hard.

“Noooo!” Ireti tried to hide her tears and the feeling of embarrassment.

Dimeji added, still laughing, “don’t even bother. Lawrence had called me that he saw you with your family and friends. My dear, I’m sure you learnt a lesson today? Anyway, I made dinner, pls freshen up and let’s eat”.

What is your honest opinion about this couple?


Story not originally mine. Its copied and adopted for the series.

Thank you.

SW&SH is a weekly series on here and ‘Jokes Apart With SMG’.

Join us.

I’m done, I’m gone, I’m ghost!




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