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SmokingWeed&SippingHennessy – When Justice Rapes

2 years ago, an innocent Ogoni man was jailed for avoiding his Oga’s wife.

When his sister and mother came to me, I immediately joined them to the station because this young man is someone I can vouch for. He was in his final year studies, RUST, a barber and worked weekends at one big man’s house- laundry, cars, gardening, anything. That’s how much of a hardworker he was without resorting to crime, so it came as a shock that this boy was accused of trying to r*pe the madam of the house.

R*ape the madam of the house? To compound it, the female housekeeper stood as a witness.

With the rich family having the upper hand, this boy was rushed through a sham of a hearing and locked up immediately. I cried so much that day.

On hearing the news, his mother also fell sick and didn’t recover. The only undergraduate and soon graduate of her 5 Children, her only hope. Mama died and that was when the heart of the Oga softened a little got him released for his mother’s funeral and let the case go.

Now to the interesting part … In the month of August, the Oga and his wife visited the sister’s shop with alot of foodstuff and traditional drinks, with a pastor in tow, asking for the boy they locked up two years ago.

She chased them out, according to her, she vowed never to forgive them.

I was unavailable/unreachable for a while and only just saw them this sunday and the story is giving me so much joy.

Is this Karma and how swift it works?

I can’t help but look up and say Mama thank you.

The woman says she has not had any rest since the day Mama was buried. Her two kids have been sick for over a year, multiple hospitals and medications tried, no respite, both kids haven’t been able to attend school for over a year.

Different spiritual houses have told her to confess and seek forgiveness from a family she offended and after much rigmarole, she admitted to her husband, she was the one who lured the boy inside the bedroom and wanted him to take her, but he said no and as the struggle ensued, the house help popped in and Jezebel switched.

For the sakes of the innocent children involved, who haven’t walked well in over a year, forgiveness has to take place, that’s the only advice I gave.

Copied from Sira-Mene Teeh

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I am done, I am gone, I am ghost.



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