By Kudu Kuduson

It is no news that the kaduna state government under the leadership of Malam Nasir El – Rufai has recently restructured its district and village units. This according to the government is necessitated by the need to reduce the burden that a bloated payroll imposes on the various local government councils of the state.

Prior to the year 2001, Kaduna state had 77 districts and 1,429 village units. This development now means a reversal to what was obtainable before 2001.

In the year 2001, the then Kaduna state governor, Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi after a thorough consultation deemed it fit to add 313 more districts, taking the number of district heads in the state to 390, these along with more than 2700 employees swollen the payroll of the local government councils.

Some social commentators who are apparently opposed to the restructuring of the districts have lamented the nasty fact that 4776 district and village heads are sacked owing to the restructuring. These they say is regrettable and must be looked into as a matter of urgency.

Jerry D. Ishaya
Jerry D. Ishaya

One of such people is Mr. Jerry D. Ishaya who viewed the development as “highly unnecessary”, maintaining that the district and village heads were useful even in our societies of today as they help in providing alternative conflict resolutions.

“We should not forget that these district heads help in maintaining law and order through alternative dispute resolutions. Before a police station will handle ten cases, the district head had already handled 90 cases through mutual agreements. They reduce the pressure on our insufficient and ineffective police force and judicial system.”

Mr. Ishaya opined that cutting cost was not enough reason to sack district and village heads of this magnitude, suggesting that there was no price too high to pay for maintenance of peace and stability.

“The governor will always say that the teason for sacking them is to cut cost, but is there any price that is too high to pay to maintain law and order? Can we think about this decision again?” He queried.

The governor should please keep his salaries and allow our local traditional heads to solve our local problems…” he concluded.

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