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Sokoto LG councillors deny attempt to impeach council chair, Ibrahim No Delay

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto
Alleged attempt to impeach, Aminu Ibrahim, Chairman, Sokoto North LG by his councillors  has failed to yield results following their denial yesterday.

Ibrahim popularly nick named ‘No Delay’ sources said has for sometime been allegedly rumoured and targetted for impeachment by his Councillors.
Speaking to journalists  on the matter that has been brewing crisis in the Council where the Sultanate falls part of, the Councillors ‎while reacting to posts on social media on the alleged impeachment plot through the Councillor representing Sarkin Musulmi”B” Ward‎, Alhaji Abdullahi Sidi, said,” there was never any plan to impeach the chairman.

‎” The said deductions of taxes, educational and APC levies adduced to in the postings were legal and backed by a Circular from the Ministry for Local Governments,”he averred.

‎However, the social media post had earlier alleged that eight out of the eleven councillors in the area had reportedly signed the said impeachment notice.

Also, the Councillor representing Waziri ” A” ward, Alhaji Kasimu Bashiru, corroborated earlier submissions by Sidi, stating that” there was no any to impeach Ibrahim. We were surprised to wake up this morning and see the social media awash with such obnoxious and destructive rumours.

”That was just being orchestrated by some retrogressive people who are bent on soiling the integrity of the chairman and the council.

”There has never been any illegal deductions from our salaries, while our relationship with the executive is very cordial.

” We are hereby pledging our loyalty to the three tiers of government and the APC.
” We are also dissociating ourselves from the alleged plot and  it only existed in the mischievous imaginations of the authors.”

Similarly, while reacting to what he described as false and unfounded allegations, the Chairman denied siphoning the internally generated revenue, adding that “I have never misappropriated the salaries of any councillor as alleged.”

‎He continued:” The alleged non existent plot was sequel to the evil machinations of some anti-people and anti-progress agents of doom.

” I have already briefed my lawyers and if they don’t‎ retract the postings, I will seek a legal redress.”



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