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Southern Kaduna and the Deputy Governor Position: Some Unpleasant Truths.

I quite understand the emotions and sentiments on the absence of a Christian on the ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the fears about the marginalization of Christians. Thankfully we have had a Muslim/Muslim ticket between 2019 to date and we are yet to see how this has affected Christians in any negative way.

It must be stated that Dr. Hadiza Balarabe, our daughter, is on the ticket for two main reasons; she can still run for one more term as deputy governor which the constitution allows her. So it would have unkind to dump her considering this fact. The other reason why she is on the ticket, is that she will be helping the Senator Uba Sani administration with institutional memory. It’s a known fact that the Architect Namadi Sambo administration because he was an outsider in the Makarfi administration. Sambo, only joined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 40 days to the primaries which he won. But there was no continuity with Ahmed Makarfi’s programme and policies. Gov. Namafi Sambo had to find his own way and Kaduna State paid for this.

Makarfi, who today is criticizing the APC, picked Sambo ahead of Senator Isaiah Balat, because he said,he couldn’t hand over to a Christian.

Let’s look at the experience of our sons under some other Muslim governors.

Though older and totally loyal to Ahmed Makarfi, Eng. Stephen Shekari the first deputy governor to Makarfi, was a passenger in the train. Late Architect Balarabe Kubau, and Dr. Buhari, Makarfi’s personal doctor were more powerful than Shekari. Makarfi is not known to have ever handed over the affairs of the state to him whenever he traveled.

Patrick Yakowa, who on the death of Shekari, became the deputy governor didn’t fare better than Shekari, despite having attained heights in the public service that Makarfi never attained and being more experienced than Makarfi. Being a gentleman Yakowa suffered in silence.

Yakowa, was barely tolerated by officials in the Namadi Sambo government. His dear wife Amina Yakowa, had been a teacher to Mrs. Amina Sambo, was not saved the treatment her husband was receiving.A case of a student being very unkind to her teacher.

Sambo, never respected Yakowa’s age or his experience. His media aide Umar Sani, routinely insulted Yakowa without any rebuke from Sambo.

It was also a usual occurrence for vehicles in Yakowa’s convoy to breakdown while running errands. Again like Makarfi’s time, Ramalan Yero, the then Commissioner of Finance, was more powerful than Yakowa. Yero, had to be appealed to, before releasing the miserable N1.5 million allocation for Yakowa’s office.

When Ramalan Yero took over as governor on Yakowa’s death, his speech at the valedictory session was the height of the humiliation that Yakowa suffered even in death.

But Ambassador Nuhu Bajoga, who became deputy governor to Yero,was to face worse insults and humiliations from Yero. Bajoga, is better educated and more experienced than Yero, who only managed to obtain a HND. Bajoga, was a one time Ambassador of Nigeria to Poland, while Yero.was still in school. But while Yero paid himself his severance package, including buying himself brand new vehicles, he refused to pay Bajoga,nor buy him new cars.

It was Nasir El-Rufai that we dislike that paid Bajoga his severance package.

Let’s compare the experience of our son Architect Bala Bantex and our daughter Dr. Hadiza Balarabe under Nasir El-Rufai.

Under Nasir El-Rufai, that we hate so much the late Bala Bantex exercised the full powers of the office of governor whenever El-Rufai travelled. And he was treated with dignity and respect. We have pictures of Bantex and El-Rufai dancing or eating together. El- Rufai saw and treated him as a partner.

Same with Dr. Hadiza Balarabe. He has treated her with utmost respect. And charged her with responsibilities.

The APC treated our son, Bala Bantex and our daughter Hadiza Balarabe, with utmost respect. We shouldn’t be blinded by religion. In the four years that Hadiza was deputy,she is not known to have discriminated against anyone on any religious or tribal grounds. Like we all know, Hadiza’s mother and step- mother, were both Christians, so she can and indeed never discriminated against Christians.

How will she fare in Senator Uba Sani’s hands? Clearly, she will be a valued and respected partner.

How will Dr. John Ayuba, the deputy governorship candidate to Isa Ashiru Kudan fare?

First is the fact that Isa Ashiru Kudan will not win. And even if he does, his questionable certificates will undo him. We envisage the Bayelsa State situation in Kaduna State. Is that not why Sunday Marshal Katung, decided to ditch Isa Ashiru? His friend the governor of Bayelsa state, is a beneficiary of another candidate’s fraudulent academic credentials.

My dear people of Southern Kaduna be rest assured that the same humiliations await Dr. John Ayuba in Isa Ashiru’s hands, in the event he wins. Worse still is that Dr. Ayuba’s wife that is highly educated will take instructions from the barely educated wife of Ashiru.

My dear people of Southern kaduna, why do we keep sending our highly respected sons to be humiliated? Why didn’t the PDP pick a much younger man?

Southern Kaduna people beware because the hood does not make a monk!

Please vote for Senator Uba Sani, who as Senator of Kaduna Central attracted a N100 million ICT Center to the College of Education,Kafanchan. He has shown himself to be our friend. He has also stepped in to help ensure that the Federal University, Manchok, becomes a reality.

While it’s okay to have a Christian deputy governor,I think at the end of the day, we will be better off with a just and fair governor.

Just an aside. In what way did having a Christian Vice President stop Muhammadu Buhari from his lopsided appointments ? Ultimately,the way forward is justice,fairness and equitable distribution of resources. God bless!



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