The chief of jaba Mallam Danladi Gyet Maude has renewed call  for peace and tolerance among the people in the chiefdom

The traditional ruler made the plea while speaking with newsmen on the importance of peace and tolerance to socio-economic and political development

According to him peace and tolerance are two essential ingredients for promoting societal growth which should be encouraged by every right thinking people living in any community in the world

He warned that violence and other negative tendencies do not yield fruitful results, but frustrated and backwardness

The chief decry on the bad situation of the road to ham-land,in which he appealed to state government to find means of adjusting the bad road situation ,so as to enabled settlers and travellers to enjoyed the road while taking their journing to different part of the road

The chief further pointed out that  Hamland is one of the peaceful in the southern part of kaduna that embraced all people in their land ,so as to live in peace harmony irrespective of their socio-political,ethno-religious differences

Adding that Muslims and Christian with traditional religious believers has been  living in peace and harmony for many years

On the issue of farming,mallam danladi gyet maude appealed to government to be sincere in the implementation of the agricultural programmes to boost food production

He also called for effective support to  Ginger farmers in Jaba chiefdom to ease their hard and encourage them

Responding on behalf of the leader of the delegation to the Hamland for fact finding tour,pastor yohannu buru who invited Muslims and Christian clerics with journalist to the visit in the chiefdom  ,expressed satisfaction on how the chiefdom is promoting peaceful co-existence among different faith base organization in the entire region

Buru applaud the chiefdom ,on ways the chiefdom is using all its means to promote peace building among different Tribes,Cultures and religious in the region to sustain peace and development in the land


He then urged other chiefdom in the southern kaduna to emulate the culture of promoting peace from the Hamland traditional title holders,so as to end all forms of ethno-religious,political killings disturbing peace stability in the area

While commending the effort of the state and federal government on deploying large number of security to maintain peace in the area,he then call on all youth organization,religious leaders,traditional title holders and women organization to support government at all cost in it bit to promote peace and unity in the entire region of southern kaduna

Buru ended by saying that ,they are hoping to immensely paid a courtesy visit to all the chiefdoms in the entire southern part of kaduna,

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