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Start Restructuring and Leave Nnamdi Kanu Alone

I totally disagree with breaking this entity (Nigeria) into independent countries. But I strongly believe that the only solution to the loads of anomaly in Nigeria is power devolution.
Let the nation return to the pre-1966 coup status quo before the khaki boys disrupted governance. Let every state collapse into their respective regions, and if they must remain as states, they should be granted fiscal federalism.

States should manage the socio-political and economic activities of their respective domains. They should only remit some agreed percentage from their revenue to the federal government.

Then, the responsibilities of the federal government should be limited to external security, currency and external relations.

Health, education, power, works, and internal security (police and other para-military agencies) should be the exclusive responsibilities of the states. Hence, any state that wish to compete favourably with its counterpart at home and countries will earn it.

More so, the plight of over 45 million ethnic nationalities lumped in the Lugardian North should be addressed .These nationalities are not Northerners and never wanted to be Northerners .They simply by historical ,regional and religious factors are Middle Belters. Their pattern of votes and behaviors so speaks .

A region called called the Middle Belt comprising of all the ethnic nationalities distinct from the Hausas,Fulanis and Kanuris should be created .It is long overdue.
Also, any attempt to re-arrest Nmandi Kanu is an attempt to ignite the explosives that have been planted in every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

They should re-arrest him and set the country on fire. One thing I will tell the ruling class is that none of them will escape the consequences. We will all be in this country to bear the outcome.

Any attempt by any individual or group to leave the country will be resisted. Before I am caught up in the hovering flame, I will make sure tens of the politicians will go down.
Start restructuring and leave Kanu alone.

Mike Odeh Akatu James
Writes from Oturkpo-Icho in Benue State .
He is the National Coordinator of the Core Middle Belt Value



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