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Summer Holiday: Nigerian Clerics embarked on mentoring children

Summer Holiday; Nigerian Clerics embarked on mentoring little children at summer-times on  importance of Peace Through Artwork & Creativity to boost interfaith harmony among teenagers

A Team of  10 religious leaders headed by pastor yohanna Buru of Christ evangelical church Kaduna –North western Nigeria and some islamic school teaches has Today lunch a campaign Tag ”#ChildrenArtwork4peace@summertime” which is aimed at mentoring little children at various community the importance of learning peace and Tolerance at the early age through various type of designing Artwork ,Creativity ,painting & Drawing object, so as to promote peace through interfaith dialogue

Indeed The campaign has been created to encourage greater engagement in peace dialogue through artwork in Africa ,as this is the first of its kind in the entire  African countries , and The success of the campaign exemplifies the power and potential of arts-based civic dialogue to overcome conflict & extremist ,thereby promoting religious Tolerance ,forgiveness, better understanding between Muslims and Christians with traditional believers

Pastor Buru says “as many children round the world are now at home with their parent and guardians, busy enjoying their holidays, we then decided to make used of the advantage of the summer Holiday in educating the children Artwork and other drawing skills through their creative thinking  ,in other to Catch them young by preaching the gospel of Practical peace, so as to promote the practices of peace and spreading  positive messages between youth around the world by using their creativity in drawing object on peace.

According to Buru this gives children  many golden opportunities  to create art about peace, also gives them an opportunity to be heard – to come up with their own understanding of peace and share it with others. “it is clear that Through Drawing and sketching on peace thousands of Children across the globe were equally   given opportunities to express themselves freely in this way in school ,may showcase their Talents and the results are always beautiful ,as it enables them draw to  portray goo features of their dreams .

Buru further pointed out clearly  that one of the advantage of Artwork is that Children turn attention inward, and can self-reflect, increasing self-awareness,and Promote  Peace and Environmental Awareness through  Art with interfaith activities

Buru then Calls  on parents and Guidance at home to always watch the movement of their children against bad friends, while appealing to others to take their children to summer lessons at school

Also commenting during lunching the Campaign,,Mallam Gambo Abdullahi Barnawa,a muslims preacher,says, “we as religious leaders are going to take the sensitization to some of the communities across the 23 local government kaduna ,”

Abdullahi says Dialogue contributes in building more peaceful and just social relations ,and our aim here is to Promote  peace through interfaith dialogue among little children by allowing them  exibite their talent through drawing any peace object,

Most of the object the little children draw were  Tress,Houses,Animals like Elephant,cats and Dogs while some draw cars,and foodstuff such as maize ,rice, okro and pineapple



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