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By Aminu Mohammed
Last week, the former governor of Sokoto state and now a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,  Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko sent a strong message to those who care to listen, especially those distractors fanning the seed of discord between him and his successor in office, Barrister Aminu WaziriTambuwal.
He made it loud and clear that Tambuwal is his trusted younger brother and a very obedient political ally and so those waiting to see them part ways should look elsewhere because in Sokoto there is a very, very strong personal and political bond that cannot be broken. The Last Don has spoken! Do we need anyone else to say something to the contrary?
 Wamakko, who is regarded as the Political godfather of contemporary political happenings in Sokoto does not mince words, when he says something, he means it. Therefore, last week’s statement should convince doubting Thomases that, Wamakko and Tambuwal are still together and there is no any external force that can come between the two. For too long there have been speculations that relation between the two has not been cordial and political parasites have been capitalising on that phantom speculation spreading rumours all over. However, just for the records, these are the words from both political godfather and godson in February this year during a reception for Wamakko after he was given an award by the Gwandu Emirate Council.
On February 12, 2017, Rakiya Mohammed of the Daily Trust newspaper wrote a piece captioned: BETWEEN TAMBUWAL, WAMAKKO AND DOUTING THOMASES in which she said, ” it came amid assumptions that the two were falling apart with many pundits alleging that Tambuwal was bent on dismantling the political structures of his predecessor, Wamakko.
Some were even of the opinion that the ruling All Progressive Congress ( APC) in the state was polarized with a large portion loyal to Wamakko and the other loyal to Tambuwal but at the reception, Wamakko and Tambuwal did not hesitate to proclaim a robust rapport between them”.  She went further, ” In a loaded language, Wamakko asserted that all was well between them.
Hear Wamakko: “We will continue to shame the doubting Thomases, the APC in the state is one and no act of sabotage from within and without will amount to anything”. Again, she went further to say, ” Wamakko stressed that his relationship with Gov. Tambuwal remained strong while pointing out that their tie had a long history and cordiality maintaining that those who want to foment trouble in Sokoto politics would not succeed”.
In addition to the above, Wamakko went further to say, ” I want to dedicate this award to Tambuwal and I believe it will motivate me to do more for the people of Sokoto. We will continue to strive to defend the dignity and honour of the APC, Sokoto state, the Sultanate Council and Nigeria”.
At that same reception, Gov. Tambuwal has this to say, ” This award is for the entire people of the state. Wamakko is a father to all and he is worthy of emulation”.
In her conclusion, the Daily Trust reporter said, however, some skeptics believe that circumstances alter cases and the Sokoto journey is too early to be qualified as rosy.
Well, now that Wamakko has reiterated that brotherly bond, all doubting Thomases should focus elsewhere because in Sokoto, the APC is one solid family and between Tambuwal and Wamakko, the sky is the limit as far as respect and mutual trust are concerned.
Those spreading rumours about the relationship between the two political gladiators are those who want to benefit from the 2019 project but all their scheming has failed so far. Wamakko and Tambuwal will work together for the APC towards the 2019 project and collectively, they will deliver Sokoto as a team.
In conclusion, Wamakko on November 12, 2012 at a reception to honour some state illustrious sons and daughters which Tambuwal was one, said this: “Alh. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal requires no introduction neither here at home nor beyond the shores of our borders. He has impressively lived up to the confidant expectations of not only his colleagues but indeed fellow Nigerians with his calm and responsible leadership of the House in a manner that has strengthened our democratic dispensation and deepened our understanding of the delicate intricacies and the necessary symbolic relationship among the three arms of our democratic government.
It is note-worthy that Hon. Tambuwal won the broad-based acceptance of the members of the House in popular recognition of a combination of positive personal traits and rich pedigree in professional and other admirable antecedents which are unmistakable in any interaction with him. He is respectable, people- oriented, progressive, straight- forward, tolerant and an adept team player, he is also disciplined and humble”.
With all these accolades, why would Wamakko look elsewhere instead of a man who has been respecting and according him his rightful place in Sokoto politics?
Since  the Last Don has said it by himself that Tambuwal is respectful, disciplined and humble, does the godfather needs any other anointed godson?
The 2019 journey is taking shape and gradually, the coast would be clearer and clearer. Two good heads are always better than one bad head.
The journey by the duo is still smooth but that should not mean doubting Thomases would continue to speculate.
As it is now, it is merely speculation that the two are parting ways. The BOND is still as strong as Dangote cement Kakraka.
Mohammed wrote in from Sokoto


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