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Testimonies And Triumphs At The Conclusion Of The TSEP 2023 And Teachers’ Conference By The Josemaria Escriva Foundation

Josemaria Escriva Foundation (JOSEF), a non-governmental organization based in Nigeria, celebrated the culmination of the 2023 Teachers Skills Enhancement Project (TSEP) with a “Close Out Ceremony and Teachers Conference.” on Tuesday, 10th of October 2023.

JOSEF focuses on Education, Health, and Policy Advocacy as its core themes and, as the 2023 activities come to a close, they are already planning for the future.

During the opening address, Professor Matthew Izibili, FCIA, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, summarized JOSEF’s educational interventions since 2019. He highlighted the organization’s achievements, including addressing the issue of secondary school dropout rates among girls in Imoga Community, Edo state, through enhanced education, mentoring, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he discussed the Teachers for Effective Service Delivery (TESD) project, which successfully trained 110 teachers from 90 public primary schools in designing and utilizing Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs). These initiatives led to improved student retention, comprehension, and enthusiasm.


Professor Izibili explained that the “Close Out Ceremony” aimed to create a platform for teachers to engage in a community of practice, where they could share ideas and experiences and address the challenges inherent in the teaching profession.

Ms. Toyin Ajayi, the Edo State Coordinator of the TY Danjuma Foundation, which supports JOSEF’s initiatives, emphasized the foundation’s alignment with health and education goals. She praised the quality of the training provided to teachers and expressed gratitude to the State Universal Education Board (SUBEB) for approving the project.

In her keynote address, titled “The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse teacher shortages,” Mrs. Oni-Idialu Esther, the Education Secretary of Esan Central Local Government Area, emphasized the importance of dignifying and valuing the teaching profession. She called for teacher motivation, improved working environments, the encouragement of ICT use to enhance efficiency, and the reintroduction of Teachers Training Colleges.

Comrade Jude Obasanmi, Ph.D., the Chief Responsibility Officer of JOSEF, shared that the 2023 program involved 60 teachers and eleven Learning and Development Officers, and had already seen the knowledge gained being applied effectively. The training covered various aspects of teaching, including classroom management, communication skills, time and stress management, and career growth. Obasanmi acknowledged the support from the TY Danjuma Foundation and SUBEB.

Teachers who participated in the program reported positive outcomes, including increased engagement due to practical teaching materials, improved time management through the use of To-Do-Lists, enhanced stress management, and more effective use of online resources and technology such as Teachers Tablets (TT).

Looking ahead, participants called for the inclusion of more schools and teachers in future programs, the establishment of standardized teaching methods, and a renewed passion for teaching.

Goodwill messages were shared by various figures, including SBMC Chairman Alho Orimary School Irrua, NUT chairmen for Esan Central and Esan West LGAs, and representatives from religious communities. Mrs. Ronke Ojeikere, the State Chairperson of Civil Society Action Coalition on Education For All (CSACEFA), pledged support for JOSEF’s educational objectives.

The conference concluded with the presentation of certificates to participants and Education Secretaries from the two LGAs. Professor Izibili expressed gratitude to the TY Danjuma Foundation and Edo SUBEB for their support.

Notable guests at the event included High Chief Umane Okhilua of the Okaijesan Palace, Irrua, Ehizoyanyan Paul, Education Secretary, Comrade Okoebor Thomas, Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) for Esan Central, Comrade Omiawele Andrew, Chairman of NUT for Esan West, and Edward Irabor, Chairperson of the SBMC for Esan Central, among others.





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