Solomon Andy is a 35 years old man from Jaba LGA of Kaduna State. He was shot dead around the premises of Command Secondary School Kaduna on the 9th of June 2017 by a Soldier who was on duty at the gate on that day. Four other youths who came out to protest the death, where also killed.

Today 14th of June , 5 days after the unfortunate incident the Labour Party Youth Wing Leader Mr. Augustine Aniagu and I visited the Family of Late Solomon Andy at their resident in Television Kaduna.
According to the deceased Mother Mrs. Andy she was hospitalised in the hospital with drip on her when she got the news of her son’s death. She said Solomon is the bread winner of the family. He normally gather sand in drainages and on road sides and sell. From the earning, he feeds her and also buys her drugs. She also said, that was the 3rd time Solomon Andy packed sand on that same spot so how can he be a threat to the soldier.
As I write this, the Nigerian Army did not visit the family neither did they send any condolence or say anything. The deceased Mother informed us Senator Comrade Shehu Sani visited them and promise to do something. She also said Sir Gbagyi of Kaduna also sent a message through one of his district heads and also said the Government of Kaduna State will do something.
When Government say they are doing something we all know what happens. Bureaucracy , bottlenecks and so forth comes in.
My Last post I said Justice must be done. If a Soldier in Maiduguri can be sentenced to death for killing a suspected Boko Haram member, Justice must be done in this case. This family are poor, you could see poverty all around, no amount of Money paid to them will bring Solomon Andy back to life but it’s very important we don’t toil and trample people’s fundamental human right, whether they are rich or poor. Nobody can create even a grass. But you take the life of an armless man who pose no threat to you, that’s unacceptable.
We are waiting to see what the Army will do. If they don’t take any action we will take the next step.
David Ayuba Azzaman
Core Middlebelt Values

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