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Time For Belt Tightening – Uba Sani Charge Commissioners

The 14 members of the Kaduna State Executive Council have been charged to tighten their belts and ensure prudent management of the resources that accrue to the state

The charge was given by Governor Uba Sani to the newly sworn- in commissioners Thursday at Sir Kashim House, Kaduna.

Governor Uba Sani said “I encourage you all to see yourselves as part of the SUSTAIN AGENDA TEAM. We work together and succeed together. It is not about personal glory. It is about service to the people.

“I am delighted to welcome you all to this swearing – in ceremony. Today marks a major milestone in the journey of this administration. It is the culmination of painstaking selection and assignment process.”

The governor further added that Kaduna is very rich in human resources that can catapult it yo greatness if harnessed properly.

“Kaduna state is blessed with highly  educated, experienced, competent and committed professionals in all fields of endeavour.  That you made it to the cabinet is a recognition of your worth and the high premium we place on you. This places on you a burden to deliver on the  promises we made to the good people of Kaduna State.

“We therefore count on you to bring your wealth of experience, skills and competences to bear on your new assignments.

“You are joining our administration at the most challenging time in the history of our country. We are confronted with serious economic and security challenges. The Federal Government has initiated reforms in the economic sector geared towards securing our future.

Creative and innovative steps are being taken to address our economic challenges. These challenges require the taking of extraordinary measures. It is for this reason that the President Bola Tinubu Administration has taken some hard, painful, but necessary decisions like the removal of subsidy on fuel.

“We are therefore in a period of emergency. This is a time for BELT TIGHTENING. We must take firm measures in Kaduna State to cut down on the cost of governance.

“We must, as political leaders, show our people the way. We must avoid ostentatious lifestyle. We must not be telling our people to make sacrifices while we are busy living in opulence.”

And not like in some states where outgone government official went with almost all vehicles used by administration Governor Uba Sani announced that he was using the vehicles he inherited from his predecessor.and therefore urged all Executive Council members to follow suit.

“We are already matching our words with action. I will continue to use the old cars inherited from the previous administrations in Kaduna State. All Commissioners must also use the old cars. We must collectively make sacrifices. If we lead by example, our people will follow and support us.

“I signed my first Executive Order on Tuesday, 25th July 2023. It is on “Financial Inclusion in Kaduna State.” We are committed to improving the lives of our citizens, especially the poor, underserved and vulnerable. Majority of our people are excluded from financial services, and by extension access to opportunities from the State and Federal Government.

This is unacceptable. We shall develop a credible STATE REGISTER that will capture our people in the rural areas, as well as the urban poor. We shall assist them to open bank accounts to enable them benefit from available opportunities.

“Our goal is to effectively integrate the poor, underserved and vulnerable in Kaduna State into the financial eco-system, so that they can benefit from State and Federal Governments  social investment programmes, as well as donor agencies interventions.

“Our people-centered administration will not rest until we positively impact on the lives of the poor, underserved, voiceless and vulnerable in our state.

“Consequently, our administration will establish a TRUST FUND FOR THE POOR AND VULNERABLE IN KADUNA STATE. The Trust Fund will cater for the needs of the poor, underserved and vulnerable in Kaduna State.

“A Committee will be set up to develop a Framework for the Establishment of the Trust Fund. I will donate 50% of my salary to the Trust Fund for the next two years.

” This is part of my sacrifices towards reducing the cost of governance in Kaduna State, and to better the lot of the poor, underserved and vulnerable in our state.

“As Commissioners, you carry a big burden. The formulation and effective implementation of policies and programmes of government rests on your shoulders. You must adopt the inclusive approach to leadership. You must build a team. Everybody is important. Don’t be a lone ranger. That is a recipe for failure. I charge you all to get down to work immediately.

You are expected to deliver on the 7 Point Agenda of our administration, namely: Safety and Security, Upgrade of Infrastructure, Strengthening Institutions, Trade and Investment, Agriculture, Investing in Human Capital, and Nurturing Citizens Engagement.

” The central focus of our administration is however the Transformation of the Rural Areas. We want to revitalize the economies of the rural areas through massive infrastructural development.

“As Honourable Commissioners, our citizens rightly expect a lot from you.  Excuses for lacklustre performance  will  NOT be accepted. In the service of our dear state, we must put personal friendship aside. We shall strictly assess you based on performance indicators. Anyone that fails to measure up will be shown the way out.

“However, be rest assured that I will give you the support and tools you require to perform optimally. I encourage you all to see yourselves as part of the SUSTAIN AGENDA TEAM. We work together and succeed together. It is not about personal glory. It is about service to the people.

After the swearing-in, the commissioners were assigned portfolios as follows::

1. Sule Shuaibu – Attorney General/

Commissioner for Justice

2. Shizzer Nasara Joy Bada – Finance

3. Prof. Muhammad Sani Bello – Education

4. Umma Kaltume Ahmed – Health

5. Sadiq Mamman Lagos – Local


6. Aminu Abdullahi Shagali – Housing and

Urban Development

7. Salisu Rabi – Human Services and Social


8. Prof. Benjamin Kumai Gugong – Sports


9. Ibrahim Hamza – Public Works and


10. Mukhtar Ahmed – Planning and Budget


11. Abubakar Buba – Environment & Natural


12. Murtala Mohammed Dabo – Agriculture

13. Patience Fakai – Business Innovation &


14. Auwal Musa Shugaba – Internal Security

and Home Affairs

Governor Uba finally said ” I congratulate you for accepting to be part of the arduous journey of making Kaduna State the Model of Development in Nigeria. And, as in every journey, the end is more important than the beginning. I wish you God’s guidance. God bless you all”



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