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TINUBU: NOT YET END OF THE ROAD – Ambrose Bernard Gowong

The political commentary currently wearing the face that former Lagos state Governor and APC leader Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu has suffered a fatal uppercut and is now in a political intensive care unit is just but a deliberate kite flown and controlled by those who are still grovelling in the defeat they suffered in two critical elections (2015 and 2019) in which Asiwaju, also known as “Jagaban Borgu” played a central role in seeing APC consigned the political fortunes of the PDP to the trash bin.

It is this dip in fortunes and loss in relevance of the opposition occasioned by the political cloud of Ahmed Tinubu that is stimulating these fractured politicians to weave all manner of conspiracy to suggest Asiwaju has been decapitated, humiliated and thrown away despite his massive contribution to the party owing to the current happenings at the APC and the composition of post-Oshiomhole party structure.

In truth, Tinubu has not yet been dealt with, because any who is still in control of the National Assembly (Senate and House of Representatives), in charge of the South west and Lagos, with some disciples scattered in the north, such a towering figure does not look so easily like one that could be shoved away like a political nymph. In addition, when a dispassionate lens is fitted in viewing the composition of the 13 man caretaker committee created for the APC convention, it will reveal that 8 of the members are known allies or political associates of the Jagaban. Removing Adams Oshiomhole led team and replacing same with Gov. Mai Bala Buni is like replacing a half empty class of water with a half full class.

To put the APC happenings in its proper perspective, no real politician with the ambition of becoming the President of Nigeria (The valley of the shadow of death) that would not seek or make an attempt in taking over the party hierarchy. The thinking here is straight: to be assured of the party’s ticket.

In the current ongoing, Tinubu, El-Rufai, Ameachi, and others (not too visible) are in the public knowledge with the idea of nursing to become the President of this country. Realizing this tall dream demands they’ll need to gain control of the party machinery. So the opening presented itself and Chief Victor Giadom number four in the party hierarchy and a known political pal of Rotimi Ameachi took over the party capitalizing on the suspension of its party chairman, with the vice chairman south being a minister of trade and investment, vice chairman North suspended from the party and the national secretary voted as the governor of Yobe state.

This was a normal political intrigue or power tussle playing out by the would-be gladiators in the party nursing presidential ambition. It was no Tinubu’s birth right that has been hijacked or trampled upon in the APC. His position as the leader of the party has not been tempered with. It is senselessness to assume Tinubu will and should not be challenged by equally those Sharing the same aspiration as him.

This scenery is which some politicians are assiduously working on encroaching deep into the growing larger than life political fame of the Jagaban. Their effort was to create an atmosphere that fits into their regional and racial conspiracy narratives about the northern hegemony (Hausa/Fulani). This line of argument was deliberate, and like I said earlier, was aimed to further shove down the throat of the gullible that the north is a demonic enclave that is worthless the support of any bonafide southerner.

Meanwhile, these same regional jingoist trying fervently to portray the North as no worthy of any southerner support, are one and the same folks who worked without knowing day or night in trying to make another northerner and a Fulani man President (Atiku). Now it will be safe to say Jagaban’s crime was in supporting a different Fulani man other than their preferred Fulani man.

Tinubu, yes may had suffered a set back in his political sojourn towards becoming the President with Adams Oshiomhole kept aside paving the way for a convention where a new national leaders of the APC will be expected. No one at this premature moment should pop champagne in celebration that his dog has caught a Lion.




  1. Thrash!

    You clearly don’t know anything about politics and how it’s played.

    Those against Tinubu’s ambition are not in the opposition but the party you worship, APC.

    As it is, the party is on self destruct.


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