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Tiwa Savage Sex Tape …new Revelations & Thoughts

Years back, a rap group ‘2-Live-Crew’ where asked in a radio interview why their songs are about sex, women and the likes.

Luke, the leader of the group replied, “America is about 3 things- sex, money & violence. We chose sex because it appeals to all.”

Have you wondered why marketing promos focus on naked women showing off their ASSets in television commercials?

It’s simple: sex sells!

That Tiwa Savage 10 seconds cut you saw must be a PR stunt to make her the trending issue to promote her music.

Yes, you think it’s immoral, but hell, who doesn’t have sex? Some even on bare floor, on trees like monkeys, name it.

While some will get in trouble to find fame – Naira Marley style. Getting in trouble, teaching young ones and even papas to be rude against the system and anyone, anywhere, he made an in-road into the music world and stayed making money.

Love or hate her approach, Tiwa used what she has to get what she wants.

She got you talking about her, wrong or right while she’s the hottest one on your search engine.

Don’t be surprised that she gets paid for each click on that video. Making money while you get excited – happy or sad.




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