Uangbaoje Alex (AMDF Journalist Of The Month)

Uangbaoje Alex

Mr. Uangbaoje Alex is  AMDF’s journalist of the month for the month of July, he hails from Edo State, Owan East Local Government Area. He studied Mass Communication at Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State.

Mr. Alex started his Journalism career at New Nigerian Newspapers in 2012 till date.

He is the founder of Newsweb Express, an online news platform, with special interest for advocacy for Women and Children and developmental issues in 2015. He has also advance his career from reporting to advocating for solutions for the plight and vulnerability of women and children in the society.

He recently founded a Non Governmental Organization (Center for Media Advocacy for Mother and Child) which is aimed at mobilising media practitioners to advance the course of women and children in the society.

Mr. Alex is the Media and Communication Officer, Network Against Torture, Kaduna State, and the Coordinator, League of Professional Online Journalists (LEPOJ).


On what motivated him to work on women and children, he has this to say, “I wanted to have a voice in the political landscape of my country, and I thought I could only achieve that as a journalist, but that changed when I begin to have contact with UNICEF, and discovered the high number of deaths of women and children in Nigeria resulting from malnutrition, lack of access to health care services, violence and child labour, etc and how vulnerable they are. And I felt they need a voice, and someone to champion their course. So today, my journalism practice is centered around women and children”.

Every journalistic task is challenging, but I have always surmounted all of them.

Mr. Alex said “I hope to be more equipped and grow my capacity to continue to stand in the gap for women and children as a journalist advocate, until policy makers and other stakeholders make the issues of women and children a top state priority.

On his experience, so far; he said it has been a beautiful experience, even though those in the seat of power don’t want to see you write what is not in their favour, but we are beginning to see government respond to some of the issues we are raising.

A good example is the current measure taken by the Kaduna State Government to eliminate malnutrition by voting a reasonable amount of money after my report that revealed that over 1.6 million children in the state are malnourished.

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