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Uba Sani It’s time to speak up

After watching the trending video of the immediate past Governor of Kaduna, exposing how the Muslim-Muslim ticket was employed as a political strategy to make a religious statement, my concern is not what he said, as he has not said anything new that is not evident.


More so, the political elites understand that religion is the opium of the masses, which form a potent divide and rule strategy for winning and holding onto power.

The big concern was that the Governor Senator Uba Sani was seated right by his side. One wonders why till now there is no official statement disassociating his administration from such divisive and inciting comments.

The continuous silence of the administration can only mean endorsement that what we now have, contrary to the Nigerian constitution, is a theocracy not democracy.

The Governor must really step back and reflect on what legacy he wants to leave behind. He should know that he is now in charge and allowing the wrong perception and disaffection created by his benefactor will be part of his legacy.

With such public comments, which at worst should be made in private conversations or strategy meetings, one wonder if his political benefactor means well for him.

Is his administration a third term by proxy for the former Governor or is the divisive comment by his predecessor an unwritten part of the SUSTAIN blueprint or should we hope he will do better at uniting the State?

In the weeks and months to come the answers to the above concerns will manifest. History is also waiting to give its verdict, positive or negative the Governor will determine which way it goes. Loyalty can be hundred percent but it should not be blind.

The Governor should realize that to write his name in gold, he needs to build a united, stable and peaceful State beyond just infrastructure.

Lets engage, ask the right questions and hold the government accountable.

Active Citizen



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