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What do we as citizens expect from our president and government? What are our responsibilities as citizens?

By Enyinnaya Nnaemeka Nwosu

The President is a father of the nation, he should see the whole nation as his constituency and every citizen as his child. He must not take sides with any group or tribe against another group or tribe.

Economically a president should not just be a leader,he should be the CEO of Nigeria PLC. He should run the economy as a profit making business. He is expected to have an economic vision and mission and should appoint managers and supervisors (government appointees) that share in his vision for Nigeria PLC. They must at all points be in line with the visions of Mr president. If at anytime an appointee holds a contrary view outside the vision of the President, he is expected to resign or fired by the President. The vision of the government is paramount at all times.

A government must always carry the citizens along in their actions, explaining to the public what they are doing at all corners to avoid confusion and lack of information on the public side.
The citizens are to support the government at all times and wish the government well and this includes speaking out and constructively criticising the government to keep the government in check. A supporter of a government who only sees the good sides of the government is worst than an enemy of the government and the people.
Government on it’s own must be willing to accept these criticisms and act on them or make explanations where necessary. Trying to shut the people or the PRESS up will only make things worse.

The security of lives and property should be priority of the government at all levels, the President and his government must be seen to be unbiased in the execution of justice in times of national or regional crisis. Offenders must be punished no matter the tribe or religion they come from.
Infrastructural development must be spread equally to different parts of the nation and cited at places most appropriate.

Corruption fighting is not an economic policy, therefore should not be primary business/policy of a government. Fighting corruption is the job description of the law enforcement agencies and other agencies created by the law for such purposes like EFCC. What government needs to do is to strengthen and make these institutions strong and independent of government control to be able to fight corruption. A government that talks about corruption everyday scares away investors.

Part of fighting corruption includes the attitude of the government. A transparent and all inclusive government would have less corruption. A great part of this is the payment of salaries as at when due. A government fighting corruption cannot be owing salaries and expect a corruption free civil service. Non-payment of salaries is the greatest motivation for corruption.

Our security agencies, police and the military are very important aspect of our daily lives as a nation. Before we can demand good service from our men in uniforms, we must ask what we have given to them. What is the welfare package of our men/women in uniforms? What health policy do we have for them? What insurance policies do we have for them in case of death or permanent injury in line of duty? What training do we give to them and what equipment is available for them?
In a situation where a police man or woman has to make his own uniform and buy his own shoes, has no equipment or car or even petrol in the duty car, what do you expect him or her to do? Take a look at our police stations and barracks, you will begin to understand why they cannot function beyond what they are.

We must rebuild Nigeria with fresh ideas and everybody has a role to play in it no matter how high or low and age.

2019 brings with it a wonderful opportunity for us to position people at all levels of government who would economically and politically restructure and rebuild Nigeria.
It is our responsibility to do this. Responsible and passionate Nigerians must become part of the political process. Remember people can only vote for those on ballot paper. We must ensure that only credible Nigerians appear on ballot papers.
Thank you.
Enyinnaya Nnaemeka Nwosu ENN.



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