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Why They Want To Silent Maina

Over the past week the media has been a washed with stories of the return of Abdulrasheed Main a to the civil service.

While many persons have concluded that Maina is guilty of fraudulently enriching himself how many persons have bothered to properly investigate and know how much was or was not stolen?

Sir Femi Animashaun wrote….

One thing is being fooled, and another is knowing truth afterwards and still embracing previous lies.

Here are the questions:
1. Did Abdulrasheed Maina have any Budget that he could dip his fingers in?

2. Could Abdulrasheed Maina approve (sign off on) anything without it first being approved by various Police Parastatals, including EFCC, ICPC, DSS, Attorney General, and more?

3. Did Abdulrasheed Maina due to his diligence help to recover N282B from Pension fraudsters who had the money tucked away somewhere?

4. Did Abdulrasheed Maina provide other information that led to another recovery of 1.6 Trillion Naira?

5. Did Abdulrasheed Maina help to discover and correct 1.4B Naira monthly being disbursed on Police Pensions when the actual figure was 848M naira?

6. Did Abdulrasheed Maina help to raise Pensions by 53%, and yet the criminals lied to the Pensioners that the raise was 33% while they were stealing the rest?

7. Was Abdulrasheed Maina threatened many times and reported to the various Security agencies, which hardly did anything to protect him, and 3 bullets were later fired at his car in a bid to assassinate him?

8. Does Abdulrasheed Maina have a right to staying alive and flee after assassination attempts?

9. Has Abdulrasheed Maina not provided several evidence to corroborate his position, and still willing to as needed and indeed got a restraining order from harassment pending substantive hearing on the evidence placed with the Court?

10. Did the same Senate that issued an arrest warrant not recant their claims about Abdulrasheed Maina being complicit in the Pension scam?

If all these claims are true, then anyone who tries to vilify this hero that actually helped to get back stolen funds that funded our budget and more, acted as a whistleblower, and was shot at and hunted by assassins is a wicked and cruel person.

For those who have been sending curses against the innocent, just know that those curses shall come back on your heads, until you recant them.

I have done my objective analysis of this situation, and I believe Abdulrasheed Maina will be vindicated and known as a hero if the killers don’t get him first. I also know that many will flee out of Nigeria, once the truth becomes glaringly clear.
Corruption fights back in a very dirty and nasty manner.

To see the people jumping and down with a passion despite the many revelations coming out about this issue confirms their disposition to me. they are simply ROGUES who shout people down to save themselves from the revelations of truth. They are on a mission to paint a Dog bad to hang it. They are PURE EVIL.
I wash my hands of pointing accusing fingers at someone that I should be hailing, and asking to be doubly promoted to reward him for his deeds. May the TRUTH set us free.

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