By M. S. Dogara
Wednesday 4th September, 2019.

Good day my fellow brothers’ keepers and peace loving Nigerians,

It’s very sad and unfortunate to draw our attention, and indeed that of the entire African continent and the world, on the unending extrajudicial and gruesome butchering of Nigerians living in South Africa. The gory pictures of some reported/posted incidents, which show pictures of Nigerians who were burnt alive, stoned to death or inflicted with injuries and allowed to die slowly while mindless spectacles watched happily.

The South African people should have been human enough to appreciate sacrifices and gestures extended on them by both the Nigerian government and its good people. They seem to have proven to be an ingrate people who will turn to stab the fingers that feed.

Nigeria has done so much to relieve the Black people of South Africa from the white supremacy which annexed their rights and chained them to second class citizens in their own country. Nigeria did not only actively participate in that struggles that emancipated them from the Apartheid regime but did contribute to the emergence of the first Black president, Nelson Mandela.

Nigeria also licensed a South African telecommunications service (The Mtn GSM network) to operate in its country which gave South Africa a window to exploiting and sufficiently draining the resources of Nigeria and fellow Nigerians daily. The whole of ten year expansion of the Mtn services across Nigeria was carried out through the sweat and hard-earned money of the good people of Nigeria.

The government of South Africa has neither been remorseful nor openly or secretly put any efforts in ending the animistic trend. They kept accommodating the dehumanizing killings of our citizens and jubilating over it. Nigerians are responsible people with high sense of maturity, forbearance and love of peaceful co-existence.

We hereby call on the government and people of South Africa to end xenophobia now! We call on the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria to cancel his trip South Africa to indicate a step to its protest against the evil act.

We believe that the President of South Africa should, as a matter of urgent need, come to Nigeria and explain why the government is woefully failing in safe-guarding Nigerians living there, and should promise to end the scourge as quickly as possible. In fact, South Africa does not deserve to host Nigerian president in this respect but to be hosted.

Lastly, we are peace-loving people of Federal Republic of Nigeria who will always want to extend hand of friendship to fellow Africans. Xenophobia should end now to avoid compelling us to react negatively.

Thank you so much my fellow citizens. God Bless Nigeria.

Muhammad Saleh Dogara

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