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10,000m Races removed from 2022 National sports Festival

The 10,000-meters race has been delisted at the 2022 National Sports Festival in Asaba following a protest by the Executive Chairman of Edo State Sports Commission, Yusuf Alli.

There was a mild drama when the race was about to commence Thursday morning as the former Nigerian international raised an alarm which forced the organisers to suspend the event.

He insisted that a day before the start of the event, only two states were on ground to participate in the race which, according to him, was in violation of the rules which said the minimum number must be four states.

Alli said he was surprised that the number had suddenly increased to six states which were ready to compete, which means that they had gone to lobby or to cheat to add four other states hence he said that the event will not hold because It is not acceptable and The rule must be followed to the latter.

Alli also said he was holding the AFN responsible for the dubious act just as he maintained that cheating must not be allowed in the game.


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