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ATM CROOKS: Eye witness reveals new tricks by money doublers

Please read carefully while I share what I experienced at GTB Idumota branch ATM today.

I was on the queue to make withdrawal, the queue was long , while on the queue there was a guy and a lady, both well dressed by the queue talking to an Igbo guy immediately in front of me, I overheard them say he should please transfer 40k to them but I thought they came together so I took my mind off it, not long, they both walked up to me saying ” bros, could you please help transfer money to our sick mother who is in need of urgent cash, we have the cash here but since today is a work free day, we can’t send it through the bank so pls help transfer the money while we give u cash here” in the middle of their talk, they flashed me the cash but fortunately for me, the phone I could use to make the transfer was dead, so I politely told them I couldn’t help.

Before I knew it,they had left,the guy behind me then said “bros, those guys know who dem fit follow talk now, immediately I gave them a bad look, they knew I know their antics so that was what made them leave hastily” I then inquired from the guy what he meant, his response will shock you

” those guys go to ATM’s where u have long queues on weekends or after banking hours during the week with fake cash and seek your assistance to help transfer money to an account in exchange for cash since they know most of us are always in a hurry”

Immediately I heard this, I alerted the Mobile Police men at the bank and we traced them, we caught them and searched their bag and we truly found fake 50k on them in 1k denominations. I left the scene when people started beating them. Please let’s share this with our loved ones.



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