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Blaming Igbos for Northern Drug Abuse? Shame on Bala Muhammad.

Nausea And Vomiting is a side effect of reading rubbish talk. I feel like vomiting right now after reading Bala Muhammad accuse a tribe of knowingly and deliberately bringing codeine addiction to the north.

There are idiots in every tribe and religion. My problem with the North is that their idiots are the educated ones.

Nigeria would have been polio-free but for a Northern doctor of repute who told Northerners that vaccines were meant to make them infertile. Many of the governors accepted the doctor’s postulation.

For those who believe such things about vaccines, ask you parents how SMALL POX used to be.

To the issue, from time immemorial, man has wanted escape from reality. Asians began use of so many leaves and herbs we now know to be opioids. Countries like Columbia pluck and eat coca leaves we now know to be cocaine. Nigerian old men women and men chew “itaba” (tobacco). Zebrudaya is known for taking his snuff and sneezing. World over, alcohol is an escape for many. Northern Nigeria and their kids, in the absence of beer and other alcoholic beverages have chosen to SNIFF EVOSTICK and DRINK CODEINE found in many cough mixtures for their own escape from reality. But this is not limited to the North. In the US, “Purple Drank,” “Sizzurp,” “Syrup,” and “Lean?” are codeine in cough medicines sometimes mixed with alcohol.

Now instead of a lecturer to sit down and analyse this pattern and like Americans are doing with the OPIOID CRISIS, with Trump declaring a state of emergency and with every one of us who dispense opioid meds like Norco and Morphine now finding it harder to get doctors to prescribe them for our patients except we impress on them the level of pain, this IDIOT Lecturer decides to make it a TRIBAL and HATE issue.

He says that IGBO’S who happen to be traders as well as qualified pharmacists choose to sell codeine to Northern kids that they do not offer to their own kids in the east.

That is a big big big accusation.

So they sell codeine to Northern kids to what ends? Get the whole Northern kids more dependent on southern enterprise for their survival? To have the Northern kids be more useless to Nigeria and to keep pulling the whole country back? To keep the North the poorest country in the world (Emir Sanusi) without the south? Why would the Igbo trader choose to knowingly and strategically impoverish his customer?

When blame games are played, solutions take the back seat.

Opioid use is a global epidemic. In fact the North should pray Fentanyl is not now diverted from American markets to the North. Fentanyl is 100 times worse than HEROIN.

A wholistic approach to solving Northern kids ADDICTION to codeine involves a whole lot of steps. viz

1. GetNAFDAC to truly enforce cough syrups with codeine as Schedule 3 drugs (abeg I dey use the American equivalent) meaning only a doctor can prescribe it. Any pharmacist who sells it without prescription will lose his or her license and face jail time.

2. Regulate codeine at the border. Igbos are not the customs officers and Immigration workers. Northerners own those jobs almost exclusively. They should do their job and know what medications and drugs are entering the country.

3. Begin education of northern youths as to the dangers of codeine. Along with learning the Qoran, Jihad and Arabic, they should learn to not abuse codeine nor sniff evostick.

4. If the cough medicine with a child contains DEXTROMETHORPHAN (DMX) or PROMETHAZINE-CODEINE, it is very likely to be abused. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN and stop its use once the child has stopped coughing.

5. Look to adult addiction as kids learn from adults. Adults too abuse the above drugs. I was a kid in Nigeria when this began. The kids then are adults like me today. Do not tell me they just stopped like that. Look to adult addiction too.

6. A research must also be conducted on the herbs and drugs sold by Northerners. Many of those herbs contain opioids as well as other stimulants.

IGBOS DO NOT SELL A DIFFERENT COUGH MIXTURE TO THE NORTH THAN WHAT THEY SELL TO THE SOUTH. Northern leaders must take RESPONDIBILITY for their actions and the actions of their youths.

In conclusion, shame on Bala Muhammed the lecturer at the Faculty of Communication, Bayero University Kano. He is a “communicator” and knows precisely what sentiments he is whipping up and against whom. He Knows what he is doing. Shame on him.



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