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Change Is Not Cheap

Change is the only thing that is constant and always well championed and sorted after by all who want to either better their condition or to satisfy selfish ends, yet this highly sorted after’s dynamics and concepts is understood by Nigerians who are ready to pay its price, understanding that change is not a cheap commodity and doesn’t come easy, but through persistent determination with strong will and would stand by President Buhari to see it effected in Nigeria .

A profligately extravagant fellow, who is reckless with his finances and suddenly discovers he runs out of money soon would have to kill the urge of spending on wants if he must remain rich. Killing urge for inordinate wants demands sacrifice and patience that comes with time.

Needless to say, when people clamour for change and not ready to pay its price, or not patience for the result or outcome to come through, the process is aborted and they are further plugged into deeper miseries. William Shakespeare said “Their is a tide in the affairs of men, which when taken lead unto fortune, omitted, all the voyage of their lives is wound in shallow and miseries, upon such a sea we sail” . Nigerians must be vary not to scuttle the hard earned change they voted for which is in motion, so we do not go back to deeper economic mess.

Change stops abnormal practices, reverts back to normal practices, so outcome can be just, fair and legit.

When contract sums were padded with millions of dollars to serve as kick back and kick fronts planted, when same contractors refused to pay taxes for the real contract sums, when they took the monies and jetted out of Nigeria, abandoning the contracts with sums fully paid, it was Nigerians that suffered the direct consequences. People died from bad roads, hospitals, that ought to have been fixed and that were fully paid for. Many lost jobs from from abandoned projects, the Nigeria people suffered unjustly for situations that could have been averted.

When Nigerians where screaming for change in 2015, they did so with all honesty and sincerity, because we had an epileptic government in place and the sufferings in the midst of plenty was unbearable. So unfortunate therefore that these same scoundrels who looted Nigeria dry are masquerading as the innocents, playing card of the victimized, playing on the emotions of innocent NIgerians they never bothered about while they shared their common patrimony as agreed by Peter Obi in a video interview.Yet same men are crying foul and few person are sympathetic instead stoning them publicly to keep quiet, we are ignorantly falling for their gimmicks.

It was change brought about unprecedented Fowler’s generation of N5 trillion at the FIRS at a period when oil prices oscillated between $50 and $70 per barrel to when oil price was at an average of $100 to $120 per barrel between 2010 and 2013, with JAMB also remitting over 8 Billion from the sales of just 2018 UTME form sales, lets not even talk about the customs. These and many others are the product of true change.

Change dose not happen over night, it takes time, it must be hatched, it must be seized, it must be implemented, it must process. then result would manifest, but if scuttled, it is better not imagined

Williams Charles Oluwatoyin
BNMC, Kogi State
Writes from Lokoja


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