On the 26th March, 2018 during the World Press Conference organized by the Original Inhabitants of the FCT living in GOZA (Gosa) over the demolition of the one and only Gosa Community Market, Coincidentally the Abuja Environmental Protection Board task force team came to Gosa market for the supervision of the demolition they earlier carried. During the process, I tried to seek an audience with the AEPB team lead nicknamed Mr. Dan-Mallam but skipped my request.

After a while, for the second time I requested audience with Mr. Dan-Mallam but he declined my request again. Rather than granting me the request, Mr. Dan-Mallam ordered his thugs and personnels to arrest me and put me into the black maria they had came with. His officials while trying to drag me into their black maria, the officials robbed me of my phone and as if that was not enough they drove me and 3 others to their office in area 3 junction. On reaching there, I was asked to go to the office of the said HOD Operations (Dan-Mallam) but to my surprise, right in his office he started assaulting, slapped me severally and ordered his boys to beat me.

But I have this strict warning for the Abuja Environmental Protection Board officials that; from now henceforth I will work against the activities of the AEPB since it now clear that the FCT Minister Alh. Muhammad Musa Bello is building up a gang of criminals in the name of Task force.

Yunusa Ahmadu Yusuf
Buhun Barkonun Abuja
Spokesperson, CFCTIA
FCT Human Rights |Blogger |ICT Specialist

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