SNIPER is a highly effective insecticide/miticide that controls over 30 foliar and soil borne pests. SNIPER gives growers the flexibility and residual activity needed to combat insects in conventional or biotech systems. Sniper contains Dichlorvos which is used on crops, animals, and in pest-strips.

Acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) exposures of humans to dichlorvos results in the inhibition of an enzyme, acetylcholinesterase, with neurotoxic effects including perspiration, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, fatigue, headache, and at high concentrations, convulsions, and coma.

No information is available on the reproductive, developmental, or carcinogenic effects of dichlorvos on humans.

A study by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) reported an increased incidence of tumors of the pancreas, mammary glands, and forestomach in animals. EPA has classified dichlorvos as a Group B2, probable human carcinogen.
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*Effects of Sniper on Human*
According to CDC, effects of exposure may include irritation of eyes, skin; miosis, ache eyes; rhinorrhea (discharge of thin nasal mucus); headache; chest tightness, wheezing, laryngeal spasm, salivation; cyanosis; anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; sweating; muscle fasciculation, paralysis, dizziness, ataxia

*How to identify grains preserved with agrochemicals?*

1. Pour the beans in a bowl or bucket of water.

2. Stir for about 20 seconds.

3. If there is an oily film on the water, then note that the beans has chemicals sprayed on it.

Then, I think we should watch out for the weevils now! Yes!!!
You need one or two weevils in your beans to show you that the beans is not preserved with chemicals

*What to do when you notice your grains/beans have traces of chemicals*

Please do not eat it.
Let the seller know about it. As I wrap up,

*Kindly take note of this*

Ensure you wash your vegetables, fruits ,grains etc before cooking.

Some studies have shown that thorough washing of fruits ,vegetables ,grains etc in several rinses of water before cooking is a lot better than just cooking without washing of these food items.

Dr. Rotimi Akinlesi
Crop Protection Specialist,
Ogun State Agricultural Development Programme

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