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Abe to APC: Amaechi Has Turned Friends into Enemies, We Won’t Allow Him Decide Our Fate

Says those who created crisis in the party should apologise

The Senator representing Rivers South-East Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, has said that neither the future of the All Progressive Congress (APC) nor the fate of its members can be determined by an individual.
This is as he stated that those who created crisis in the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State should admit their fault and apologize in order for the party to move forward.
Abe, who spoke at a Christmas Carol in Port Harcourt on Sunday, described Christmas as a very special time of the year, adding that the birth of Jesus Christ is significant in many ways that people may not understand.
While expressing sadness over the current logjam the party in the state is, the Senator stressed the need for people to be able to take responsibility for their actions; saying “There is no point doing something wrong that had totally destroyed the fabric of unity, the bonds of friendship, the mutual respect, the ability to work together that existed in the All Progressives Congress (APC).
“Somebody (making a veiled reference to the Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi) can just get up for no reason whatsoever and turn friends into enemies, turn brothers – one against the other for no reason whatsoever.
“Simply because people just want to show that they have power and even as they watch the destruction that they have left in the party, they did not even have the decency to have the courage to face up to what they have done and to say sorry and try to see whether they can bring people back again.
“So for us to be able to move forward, people must have the humility to admit where they have failed, because if something is going well, who gets the credit? If something is going badly, who should get the blame?
“The good news I have for you all is simply based on the message of Christmas. Your faith, your future, your salvation cannot be determined by anybody. It will be determined by you and I know that all of us who are in this party, who had suffered and sacrificed so much to build the APC in Rivers State.
“We are ready to do whatever we need to do to put the party where it belongs, which is in the Brick House (Government House) of Rivers State. And nobody can stop you from achieving what God had destined for you; nobody.
“So when you have failed in your responsibility as a leader to put people together, to improve their bonds of friendship, what you should do, is to admit that you have not done well and then have the humility to turn around and ask for help, there are people who can help you.
“To continue to malign people, to raise up enemies against others cannot help us where we are now but I have good news for all of you,” he stated.
Abe, who is a frontline Governorship candidate of the party in the State, explained that the whole understanding in the world today of right and wrong is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, noting that “People considered everything that today we know to be unfair to another human being; people thought it was right, until Christ came.
“Without Christ, our sense of right and wrong will be totally different from what it is today. So I want to use this opportunity to wish all of you and wish the entire people of Rivers State and indeed Nigeria a very Merry Christmas and very happy and prosperous 2019.
“I believe this party will be strong. I believe that our people are committed. I believe that they know exactly what they will like to have and I believe that in the fullness of time as we progress in what we are doing and it becomes clear who the real candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State.
“So I want to encourage you all. As you leave from here, begin to carry the message, begin to carry the conviction that we will do what is necessary. We will make the sacrifices that are required to put this party together and take the party to where the party used to be.
Senator Abe said he supported several people in politics, saying, “Everybody knows that I supported Rotimi Amaechi to become Governor and even as a governor. When he was trying to be governor, I was a supporter. I did not betray him as a supporter.
“How can I betray myself when I want to become governor? Does that make sense? That is why when people hire hacks and you do not reason with them, they cannot even execute the assignment that they have been given, no matter how much that you give to them.
“As Rivers people, we have clear options before us, whether to continue on a path that is clearly leading us to no way or to chart a new course, independent of those who will not like to see us make a progress. To chart a path that will offer every Rivers man and woman an opportunity to upgrade.
“The whole essence of politics is that all of us should be able to upgrade. I believe that with the resources available to this State with committed principled leadership that partner the people that understand that power cannot belong to one person alone.
“We will be able to chart a direction for this State that will offer every Rivers man and woman an opportunity to both progress in their own lives in an atmosphere that is secure, progressive and by the grace of God conducive to your own personal de velopment,” he stated.

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