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ASAKE: History Beckons, it is time to make or mar your place in History

The awakening among Christians and most of Peter Obi’s supporters in Kaduna State has been quite great. The outcome of the presidential election seemed to have opened the eyes of many to the possibility of an APC win in the state come March 11, 2023, if Labour and PDP supporters do not unite.

The resounding victory of the PDP in the presidential and national assembly elections in all of the northern LGAs, too, has since sparked a sense of confidence in the readiness of the northern part of the state to punish the APC for the pains it has inflicted on the people for the last eight years. In churches and community meetings across the state, there has been a shift from the divisions that predated the February 25 elections as most people are now ready to partner with their Muslim brothers up north to oust the divisive APC in the state.

What is even more encouraging is the manner key Obi supporters and Labour comrades (the founders and owners of the Obi Movement) have been in the lead on the calls for the unity of our votes. From Kaduna to Sanga, I have attended several such meetings, and it is cheering to see how everyone is willing to unite to defeat the evil APC, except Asake and his group.

Several questions are already being asked by this army of youths and clergy who worked hard to give the LP the mass appeal it currently has. They want to know why Asake, who was largely obscure and invisible (except on billboards) even in SK, would be hoping that the people are solidly behind him. Others have also asked to know why a man who has claimed to be fighting for the people of SK can’t sacrifice his ambition in the interest of defeating a party and candidate that have subjugated and inflicted the worst pain on his people. In fact, there’s a strong belief among these people that Mr Asake might have been bought to stubbornly continue with his campaign and ensure the division of our votes to enhance the victory of the APC.

No general would go into a war with ONLY one strategy or plan and many Labour supporters are asking why Mr Asake is stuck in only his plan to be governor and not considering other options in the face of the obvious defeat that is staring at him in the face. In an interaction with a group of Igbos in Kaduna, they told us that Jonathan Asake would have a lot of explanations to give if his refusal to step down eventually leads to the victory of the APC or be singled out as that selfish politician who rode on the heels of the struggles of his people to elevate self and deepen their suffering. Even among the southern Kaduna people, in a meeting with some Obi supporters in Kaura, a young man quizzed intelligently, why Asake “the lover and fighter for SK” will not use this moment to negotiate the best political deal ever for the people he claims to love so much.

Whatever point Oga Asake wants to prove. Whatever gains he stands to make in not stepping down, he must strive to look at his chances through the eyes of those calling on him to step down; he must in his closet listen to the whispers of their voice. He needs to be reminded that long after this election is won and lost, he will surely be in the eye of the storm, and the consequences of his actions will haunt and hunt him for a lifetime..

It is never too late to right the wrongs and join the majority. It is simply a make or mar period for the Labour man. “Our own na to talk.”

May the opportunity presented by the groundswell consensus on the Ashiru candidature among Christians and Muslims be the superstructure upon which a lasting legacy of peace and unity in our beloved state shall be erected.

~Edward John Auta is a member of the PDP Campaign Management Committee in Kaduna State and writes from Narom Village of Zonkwa Ward in Zango Kataf LGA of Kaduna State.



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