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Atiku and other PDP decampees are opportunists – APC

The Niger state chapter of the All progressives Congress, APC, has described former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar as an opportunist who destroyed Nigeria since 1999.

APC says Atiku has no right to say the party has failed Nigerians as he is a leader of PDP elements spoiling the party.

In a series of tweet, the party revealed that Atiku’s resignation from APC shows that the former Vice President did not contribute to the party’s success in 2019.

“In politics, there is freedom of choosing which ever party you want to belong to, the only thing wrong with APC today is some PDP elements in it. @Atiku is the leader of those elements, to turn around and say APC has failed Nigerians is the highest form of hypocrisy.

“APC met a messed up Nigeria which Atiku and his likes started destroying since 1999. APC has made significant improvements in trying to stire the country out of that mess. If anybody has the right to say APC has failed, that person should certainly not be @Atiku

“APC has a long way to go. We are optimistic with the leadership qualities and principle of leaders like President Buhari, VP osinbajo and National Leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu, we are on the right course.

“This has exposed to the fact that Atiku didn’t contribute to APC’s Success in the 2015 election because of Nigeria and wellbeing of Nigerians but because of his personal gain.
APC has a lot to do in the area of rewarding party loyalists. Most especially genuine loyalists that have been with the party since day one. Atiku has no right to complain about that. His cronies has been appointed in various positions

“APC also need to put its act together and stop accepting PDP members that have questionable characters. We need a viable opposition to prosper as a country, not accept every Tom, dick and Harry that wants to decamp to APC.

“90% of these decampees from PDP re opportunists, including yours truly. They weren’t not in the party before it was created, they only came when it was successful. That’s opportunism.

“Like in Niger state. 99% of PDP decampees today are opportunists. They are only there for personal gain. They have taken over the party and have left the genuine members out of everything. They have the manipulation experience so they succeeded

“If @Atiku claims he contributed financially to APC’s success in 2015, it then means he is asserting Nigerians votes because of money. If money was the decider, PDP would’ve taken the crown.

“To a lot of people (mostly PDP) members, winning election is about food is ready let’s come and eat, not about governance and Good leadership.

“At the Centre, with the likes of President Buhari And Bola Tinubu, APC is safe, but at state levels with states like Niger state, the people have lost confidence in APC, if we don’t wake up, the party will find it difficult in 2019.”


Source- Daily Post



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