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BBHS: The History Behind The Only School For Champions



Baptist Boys’ High School (BBHS) was founded on Jan 23rd, 1923. When you break 1923 into two in digit form, you get 19 and 23 (note that 23rd was founding day). These two numbers are prime numbers (numbers that have no other divisors except 1 and themselves). Interestingly, the two of them are consecutive i.e. after 19, the next prime number is 23. 19 is for Egunya Hill while 23 is for Saje Hill. Just like prime numbers are indivisible (except by 1 and themselves), so were our lives indivisible when we were on the boyhood hill (Egunya Hill) and would never be divisible on the Adulthood Hill (Saje Hill) except God (Number 1) divides us (which is impossible because he is not an author of confusion) or we divide ourselves (which we need to be careful about or else…).

Old Students of BBHS

Observe that 1923=3×641. 1923 as a number can only be broken into 2 prime numbers; 3 and 641. The role of the trinity (3) in our lives cannot be underestimated as the last line of the 1st stanza of our school anthem testifies ‘To the three in one Jehovah most high’. As for 641, just like man was created on the 6th day, BBHS was able to structurally put our destinies together such that we (the students) were grouped into 4 houses appropriately for ‘inter-house’ sports competitions:

Edobor Agbon and some BBHS Class of 1987 studentd

(i) Bowen House (Red house) was named after Reverend Thomas Jefferson Bowen, pioneer American Southern Baptist missionary to Nigeria.

(ii) Pinnock House (Blue house) was named after the founding principal of BBHS, the Reverend Samuel Gorge Pinnock.

(iii) Agboola House (Yellow house) was named after the Reverend Emmanuel Oladele Agboola; he was the chairman of the board of governors of BBHS, a Baptist preacher.

(iv) Aloba (House) (Green house) was named after a former BBHS teacher.

The prophetic significance of each of these Houses are respectively given as follows-

(i) that pioneers of new and great ideas would be among us;

(ii) that founders of industries, companies, entrepreneurships would emerge among us;

(iii) that many of us would grow to become heads of government parastatals and top government functionaries;

(iv) that teachers at all levels of education (nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary) would be in our mist in order to raise up the coming generation.

The digits are not left out in this prophetic drive. The last digit ’1’ in ‘641’ means these 4 partitions ((i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)) are united (note that the founding month is the 1st month of the year- January). And these unity coupled with the trinity gives the purpose of the foundation of BBHS (i.e. 1923=3×641).

The 4 colours which these 4 houses correspond to are among the 7 colours of the rainbow which forms an emerald around the throne of God in heaven (Rev 4:3). They are actually among the 1st 5 colours of the rainbow. The spiritual meaning of these colours depicts the prophetic purpose of these 4 houses:

(i) Red=New Life, only new ideas can give life for the development of a nation and its people.

(ii) Blue=Power, only a strong will-power can give establish foundations for industrialization and commercialization.

(iii) Yellow=Spirit, only a collection of people with good spirited-minds can manage and oversee (i) and (ii) effectively..

(iv) Green=Life, only our upcoming generations of children with good lives can maintain and save our present day nation and the world at large from corruption and looming decadence.


BBHS’ the acronym of ‘Baptist Boys High School’ is 4 lettered. In the school of the spirit, 4 depicts‘balance’ because we have 4 corners of the world (i.e. the 4 cardinal points-North, South, East and West). This is one of the main reasons why normal tables, chairs, vehicles, land animals are on 4 limbs. Hence, ‘BBHS’ came as a vehicle to convey the destiny of boys from one great height to another greater height (these, prophetically are Eguya hills and Saje hills). Our thirst for great heights in life is revealed by the ‘H’ which means ‘Height’ and the two ‘Bs’ which come first in the acronym ‘BBHS’. ‘B’ is the second English alphabet, and there are two Bs in BBHS. Our motto (prophetic motor); ‘NulliSecundus’ which means ‘Second to None’ prophetically originates from these two B’s and it is the driving force (driver) of the BBHS vehicle which takes us from one height to another greater height as we sojourn the 4 corners of the world (from one continent to another). We have no other destination than place of ‘SUCCESS, so says the ‘S’ in BBHS.


We as BOYS (then), were BAPTIZED (humbled) into the IDEALS (respect, academic pursuit, discipline, sportsmanship, entrepreneurship) when we wore khaki shorts to school in senior secondary school (this looked odd among our pairs). We were actually going through a metamorphosis….Like John the Baptist (whose spiritual lineage the founding fathers of BBHS come from) was a hill in Israel, so was Egunya Hill to BBHS. John the Baptist went around, preaching in the wilderness in raiment of camel’s hair, and a leathern girdle about his loins; and his meat was locusts and wild honey, baptizing people. Similarly, BBHS preached to us through our teachers, we wore khaki with leather belt and ate Iyakabo’s Rice (hostel beans), and were baptized into the waters of disciplinary flogging. We were going through a metamorphosis. John the Baptist preached repentance, and cried…

The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight, Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways shall be made smooth;

Similarly, BBHS, through our teachers, preached ‘change’ to us as boys, they prepared us for the future (our new hill-OkeSaje), filled up our valleys (gave us knowledge in place of ignorance), brought low all bad mountains and bad hills before us (arrogance, disrespect and disobedience), made our crooked ways (deceit, lying) straight and rough ways (untrustworthiness) smooth.

By this, Egunya Hill of BBHS was prepared to metamorphose us from boyhood into the adulthood of Okesaje like John the Baptist prepared the way in Israel for the coming of the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Now, we are no more boys, we are now men, we have left Egunya Hill for Saje Hill, our John the Baptist (the last prophet of the old covenant) is gone and has been beheaded, but now a new dawn has come. Like one of the lines of our anthem says ‘we are beacon shining over the world’….

A beacon is a fire (usually on a hill or tower) that can be seen from a distance or a radio station that broadcasts a directional signal for navigational purposes or a tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships. We are like stars in the sky…As beacons, we give direction, we give enlightenment and we burn corruption… In Nigeria, the fight against corruption was felt during the regime of a former president of Nigeria (Chief Olusegun Obasanjo), an Old Boy, through the introduction of the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crime Commission).


As old boys of BBHS, the new man is on a mission with a vision. Like the fictional ‘James Bond 007’ series, who was ‘License to kill’ which features different actors from time to time, a ‘BBHS-1923’ mission is already on. The vision is to ‘Baptize to bring about change’ because we have been baptized and changed ourselves. It could be the turn of any of us. So, get ready to go on the mission with a vision.

Culled from Baptist Boys High School OK Boys Page




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