Christmas:Group Sues For Peace,Commend Communities On Peace

The community Peace Action Network (CPAN) under the Community initiatives to promote Peace (CIPP) has sued for peace at the season of Christmas and the New year while commending communities on commitment to peaceful coexistence.

In a Christmas statement issued by Community Peace Action Network (CPAN) via Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC), Kaduna,on Friday, the group, further called for harmonious understanding among people of different faiths in the country

” The Community Peace Action Network (CPAN), under the Community Initiatives to Promote Peace (CIPP) program,wish to show our sincere and deepest appreciation for the commitment to peace of community members and networks, despite the peculiar challenge of conflicts and violent situations in some communities in the country in the year 2020 with it’s devastating effect;

” as with the activities of banditry attacks, Kidnapping/rustling of persons and livestocks, ethnic-religious tensions, crop and livestock farmers clash, hate speeches, extremists activities among many other incidences recorded within the year 2020.”

It also noted that “The year has also seen the ravaging pattern of Covid 19 pandemic that has seen many lives lost, economic activities downturn, it has gravely wounded the country economy with serious consequences for many family members and communities; changes in daily routine and human interactions,

” which includes regulations to places of worship and subsequent restrictions all in the quest to reduce the spread of Covid-19 among the faithfuls.”

It however said” We sincerely commend the openness and commitment to peace, as it has enabled us to serve you better, towards a peaceful society. We urge you all to continue being strong in your passion to foster peaceful coexistence and prevention of conflicts in your community and stay safe to avoid the spread of Covid-19,

” by abiding with the laid down guidelines by health authority; to always make use of face masks, avoid over crowded places, observe personal hygiene at all times, while urging you to share same with family and community members’ for the safety of all

“Lastly, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year celebrations!” The statement added

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