Climate Change: 3rd National Colloquium seeks resource, technology integration to mitigate environmental impact

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

Participants at the 3rd annual National Colloquium with the theme: ” Sustainable Environment as a Critical Enabler of National Development” called on the federal government to effectively integrate resources utilization and technology for the mitigation of environmental impact of resources extraction.

The participants at the first virtual online colloquium convened by Engineer Zayyanu Tambari Yabo with erudite scholars and discussants doing justice to the theme, noted that climate change challenges were already evident, thus , must be integrated in the national development agenda to fast track even socio-economic, environmental and climate friendly policies for nation prosperity.

” Therefore, the country has to think about the future in which environmental, societal and economic considerations are balanced.”

The call which came weekend at the event formed critical part of the outcome of presentations and discussions as contained in a communique reached by the participants drawn from across the country and abroad.

The colloquium the communique noted was sequel to the indispensability of the environment in driving development and advancement.

The communique signed by the duo of Sammani Idris Kaura and Jane Ugorji respectively observed that environmental sustainability involves all aspects of the live of an individual and nation. It includes full-growth and expansion of our industries, agriculture, education, social, religious and cultural institutions.

” The ability to harness resources in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the citizens will result in National development.”

Though, the colloquium noted that government was doing considerably well in addressing environmental challenges, ” there is need to do more as other African countries already have long term plans for sustainable environment through renewable energy intervention initiatives”, the communique stated.

The communique further highlighted on the urgent need to promote best environmental practices in our day-to-day activities and integrate elements of environmental sustainability in our programs and projects.

” It is evident that floods, shrinking of lake chad and desertification have adversely impacted on the rising rural -urban migration and security challenges being experienced in parts of the country “, pointed out the communique.

Accordingly, while noting measures taken by FG to eliminate gas flaring, the communique also observed environmental degradations have resulted in significant social and economic effects leading to involuntary migrations and upsets in demography and resource availability.

However, the communique pointed out SMEs and grassroots/community engagement were critical drivers in safeguarding the environment.

In the same vein, the communique recommended responsive synergy across political and administrative cadres with political leaders and champions building support for sustainable initiatives and measures in development process by heightening transparency and accountability while convenes and organisers of the colloquium should sustain its intervention drive as well explore other topical issues and involve wider stakeholders for greater impact in the conversations toward deepening Nigeria’s development.

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