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Danfodiyo stood for education, unity, peace, justice – Former Sokoto speaker

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

A former Speaker of the Sokoto state House of Assembly and District Head of Gwadabawa in Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Lawal Zayyana has called on muslims to tow the steps of the late Islamic jihadist, Sheikh Othman Bn Fodiyo in seeking and promoting knowledge, peaceful co-existence and unity.

Similarly, the traditional ruler condemned confrontational approach to issues of religion, noting that Danfodiyo was a proponent of dialogue, political diplomacy and peace in spreading knowledge on islam.

Speaking on the sidelines of a press conference yesterday in Sokoto while unveiling the activities lined up ahead of the annual quiz competition for Isamiyya and secondary schools organised by the Centre for Intellectual Services on Sokoto Caliphate,  Zayyana said the caliphate founding father based his jihad on education, research, peaceful co-existence and unity in accordance with Islamic ideals.

” He was an embodiment of justice, morals and good governance too.”

He described the scholarly works and contributions of Danfodiyo as pillars and legacies which should be replicated to advance the course of islam and humanity in good light.

According him” his works and struggle remain a rallying hub for muslims and humanity especially the youths for their guidance.”

Zayyana who was also a governor in acting capacity maintained that Danfodiyo’s mission was principally knowledge driven which focused on the teachings of islam both in worship, conduct, behaviour and human relations.

He explained the Centre was built on a platform that seeks to promote intellectual and relevant aspects of development on education, learning, morality and information on the legacies of the Sokoto caliphate founding fathers.

” We want to acquaint our young generation with the relevant works and contributions of our forefathers whose resilience remain a strong pillar in shaping our lives positively.

” We want to inculcate in our youths the true and desirable way of islam as a non violent religion. You don’t have to be violent”, he emphasised.

He disclosed that ” the Centre had translated no fewer than 23 scholarly works on different aspects particularly on science and peaceful co-existence, organised seminars to strengthen the scope of contributions by Danfodiyo and his disciples”, he enumerated.

He further acknowledged the unprecedented and rare contributions of late Nana Asma’u in transforming the lives of the girl child through ensuring educational awareness and promoting the consciousness of women as custodians of positive character both in learning and living.

According to the monarch” the Centre is working expeditiously to spread its activities towards promoting the scholarly works of Danfodiyo across the globe.

” We are making efforts to upgrade  the Centre to an international institution with state of the art facilities where people will patronise for research on Danfodiyo’s works.”

Zayyana however commended Sultan Muhammad Sa’a Abubakar for the resilience and untiring efforts in providing the necessary support to he annual quiz competition.

He said ” though, we want to expand the space to accommodate more participation of schools. Plans are underway to include Kebbi and Zamfara states, the entire north and Nigeria in subsequent arrangements for the youths to have basic knowledge on the works and contributions of founding fathers of the caliphate as tool for developing their conceptual skills on history among others.”

The Centre would however on Sunday 30th December, 2018 conduct a lecture with topic” Bringing to Limelight and Spreading the Scholarly Works of the Caliphate as Upliftment of Current Generation” to be presented by Professor Mukhtar Umar Bunza as well a book presentationon” Diya’ul Kawa’id wa Nasril Fawa’d li Ahlil Makasid” published by Mallam Abdullahi Fodiyo.

Also presentation of awards of recognition at the auditorium hall of  the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto venue of the lecture to Professors M.S. Zahraddeen of BUK; Ibrahim A. Makoshy, UDUS; Asma’u Garba, BUK will take place.

Other awardees include :Dr Sheikh Ahmed Lemu and Sheikh Dr Abdulkadir Karibullah, Sheikh Nasiru Kabara, late Sultan Muhammadu Maccido, late Ahmad Danbaba Marafa and late Emeritus Professor Mahdi Adamu respectively.



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