DO YOU KNOW?…Kaduna State House of Assembly has been granted financial autonomy

That the Kaduna State House of Assembly has been granted financial autonomy. The Legislative Finances (Control and Management) law was passed and had come into effect since on the 15th of October, 2021.

The law mandates that a Statutory Account in the name of the Assembly in which any amount due to it is to be deposited. This is to ensure that all amounts due to the Assembly in the State Account is paid directly into the account. Worthy of note is that all monies meant for capital and recurrent expenditures shall be paid by the Accountant General into the Statutory Account in monthly installments.

The Assembly, subject to the State Finance (Control and Management) Law, has powers to manage and control monies received into the account, with the Speaker as the Accounting Officer. The Auditor General of the State has been mandated by the law to annually audit the account of the Assembly.

To ensure the effective control and management of the funds, the law provides that a Fund Management Board chaired by the Speaker is to be established. This is to be supported by the Departmental Funds Management Committee chaired by the Clerk and a Resident Due Process Committee established in accordance with the provision of the State Public Procurement law.

This means as citizens we need to intensify our engagement with the Kaduna State House of Assembly to demand for transparency, accountability and value for money in carrying out their legislative duties.

Key questions residents of the State need to ask are: has the Statutory Account been opened and have payments into the account started; has the Board and relevant committees been established; how much has been paid into the account so far; and what capital projects are currently being executed by the Assembly.

Lets engage, ask the right questions and hold the government accountable.

Yusuf I.Goje


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