El Chapo’s wife breaks her silence: ‘I have nothing to be ashamed of’

Emma Coronel Aispuro R. Umar Abbasi

By Emily Saul

Emma Coronel Aispuro

Emma Coronel AispuroR. Umar Abbasi

With Brooklyn jurors poised to begin mulling the fate of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman next week, the accused drug lord’s wife has broken her silence on social media regarding the grueling trial and all the attention she received during it.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of,” she wrote in Spanish on Instagram alongside a photo of the courthouse where her 61-year-old kingpin hubby was tried on various drug-trafficking charges.

“Today I finish those long days in court where there was everything. Good days and bad days where also my name was mentioned several times and exposed in doubt,” she wrote late Thursday. “I can only say that I have nothing to be ashamed of. I am not perfect, but I consider myself a good human being who has never hurt anyone intentionally.”

Coronel, 29, was present almost daily during testimony — where she was accused not only of helping plan Guzman’s infamous 2015 prison tunnel escape but also repeatedly faced with evidence of her husband’s infidelity and brutality.

The two are not allowed to speak to one another, for security reasons and have only been able to share glances and waves across a packed courtroom.

“Everything that was discussed in the trial about Joaquín, good and bad, does not change in any way the way I think about him,” she wrote.

“I cannot sell another version of Joaquín, and although we have not had contact for a long time, my husband knows how much I love him and he always counted, counts and will count on me.”

The posting also thanked Guzman’s trial team — Jeffrey Lichtman, Eduardo Balarezo, and William Purpura — for their work on the case.

Guzman faces up to life behind bars if convicted of the top count

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