Executed By The Police: Justice For Chinedu

The Story Of Chinedu who was Arrested, shot, bleed to death, for having Tatoo on his body.

“Chinedu Obi, a graduate of University of Port Harcourt and a musician with the name Zinquest.

He came to visit his friend and he was accosted by the Police at Sango Ota because of the tattoos in his body, if anyone knows how the thieves, bandits, rogues and hardened criminals we call Nigeria police especially at that Sango police, station Ota, harrass and rob people in the name of looking for Yahoo boys you’ll understand the frustration Chinedu would have faced and he protested but he was shot.

Chinedu then lost it and got enraged, obviously he had phycological issues and probably drunk too, he was alleged to have destroyed windscreen of some cars around with an axe he was also saying he’ll fight back which he shouldn’t have done but in all these he wasn’t supposed to be left to bleed to death.


He even requested to speak to his father but some satanic and demonic Nigerians including the police were cursing, ridiculing and mocking him in Yoruba language.

Few weeks ago, a Nigerian broke the windscreen of cars at the Nigeria High Commision in London. He was arrested and charged to court.

Obi Chinedu allegedly did the same at Sango Ota, Ogun state. He was shot and left to bleed to death.
This is the difference between living in a nation with human beings who think rationally and living in an insane nation like zoo and jungle shithole Nigeria full of mad animals, thieves, rogues, hardened criminals and fantastically corrupt nitwits. What a shame!.

His crime was that he had tattoos
His crime was that he had an iPhone
His crime was that he wore a gold chain His crime was that he broke car windscreen after he was illegally arrested and daredevil Nig. Police shot him and watched him bleed to death.


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