The developments of the past few months in the Kaduna State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) suggests that the party is in dire straits. It is faced with the challenge of how to meander through the twin responsibilities of playing its role as a viable opposition and also keeping its house in one piece. But like Albert Einstein once posited, “in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” The current challenges present the party the rare opportunity of ridding itself of the many spanners that have continued to clog its wheels of progress.

Since the return of some members of the r-APC to the PDP in the state, led by Sen. Suleiman Hunkuyi, shortly before the last general elections, the party has experienced one mischief or another; a situation that has been creating confusion, disunity, disaffection and instability among members of the PDP family in the state. The recent storm created by the same Hunkuyi and his co-travelling set of desperate politicians, regarding the ward and other proposed congresses in the state, is one of the major sources of constant political migraine in this regard.

Consequently, his recent suspension and that of Dr. John Danfulani and five (5) others over allegations of anti-party activities is not only commendable, but timely and unprecedented. It would seem the PDP has finally woken up from its slumber. The litany of praises and commendations that has continued to greet the development (from party faithful and sympathizers alike), across various social media platforms since the decision to suspend the erring members was made public justifies the party’s bold position.

For anyone who may be wondering why the party would summarily suspend a politician of Hunkuyi’s stature or any of his six other lieutenants, therefore, such a one should endeavor to intimate himself or hersef with the facts of the matter or the political trajectory of the politicians in question as follows:

The success and survival of every political party depends on the collaborative efforts of all its members. By implication, it depends ultimately on their loyalty and submission to the party and its constitution. In this regard, while those who spend prodigious energy and resources in building the party in the state think of team work and collaboration as veritable tools to move the party forward, Hunkuyi and the others have refused to be team players in a game that requires team work, more so in Kaduna. In particular, Hunkuyi’s refusal to work for the victory of Rt. Hon. Isa Ashiru Kudan in the last general election simply because he lost to him in the primary elections was a despicable anti-party activity that buttresses this point.

Secondly, Hunkuyi and his travelling contingent have a knack for mischief and are endowed with conflict craftsmanship as their antecedents readily reveal. The party, today, is stalled by Hunkuyi’s atrocities; the party’s congress dilemma for which they’re in court is one of such. To them, membership of any political party entails selfishness, greed, and placing personal ambition far and above the collective goal; and that every political process can be adjudged free, fair and blameless ONLY if the outcome is in tandem with their personal expectations. Politicians like they are thus hazardous and toxic to any organized process, and unless they bury a taboo, their consistent migration from party to party makes them very distrusted politicians.

Similarly, Hunkuyi and his commissioned mischief makers, saddled with the mandate of assassinating the character of some PDP elders, embarked on the dirty task with claims of misappropriation of the 2019 campaign funds. Though they can allege however, it behooves on them to prove the veracity of their claims. Their inability to show any document to back their allegation of funds diversion by PDP elders they are victimizing is yet another bluff on their part. He who alleges must prove.

Furthermore, there are serious allegations of advanced meetings with leaders of both APC and PRP by the peace-hating partymen as possible fallback in the event the PDP is destroyed. Indeed, his blind praise singers and recruited foot soldiers openly boasted prior to the congresses that if they don’t succeed in controlling the party structure then their Plan B of destroying the party must be activated. This is no surprise in view of their high propensity for inconsistency and treachery.

In view of the above facts, entertaining Hunkuyi and his likes in the PDP is akin to organizing the party’s funeral. There is more wisdom in avoiding a plague because of its contagious nature rather than treating it; their absence can create an atmosphere for peaceful political development in the party and the state at large. Suspending them, therefore is not only a most welcomed development but an effort in the right direction to properly situate the party for the greater benefit of the highest number particularly for a party in opposition. It will ultimately end or drastically reduce the incidences of anti-party activities in the state. It is an action every lover of peace in the party should welcome and commend, even with a sense of obligation.

~Edward John Auta is a Historian and Public Affairs Commentator

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