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Godwin Oijangbe Funeral: Ekpoma Agog As A Giant Is Laid To Rest

Well wishers from all over the world pay their last respect to The Giant.

All roads lead to Ekpoma this weekend as Giant Godwin Oijangne was laid to rest in his family compound in Ihumudumu.

The Giant who slept in the Lord on the 25th of January after a brief illness was an Icon that positively touched the lives of many people across the country.

Giant Godwin, popularly known as Babuwa was a socialite, philanthropist, business Mogul and a family man.

Godwin Oijangbe trained, tutored and/or mentored many successful business men and professionals too numerous to mention, a few among them are Late Barr. Martins Baker; Dr Okosun; Mr Gabriel Young, proprietor Victory Academy; (Eng) Mathew Eni, Thomas Aignbomia; Ehis Agbon, Head QCNM at Invicta Fm; and many more.

Giant Godwin Oijangbe was a founding member of the elitist prestigious Giant Club International, a club which he eventually became the mayor for two terms.

He belonged to numerous social clubs, unions and association where he played active roles in all their activities.

Many of his friends and associates fondly remember him as a peacemaker, a problem solver, a solution giver and a helper to the needy.

Giant Godwin Oijangbe is survived by A Wife, 8 Children, many Grand children and a senior sister.



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