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Group backs Tinubu for presidency in 2023

A religious group, the Muslim Association of Nigeria, has  charged the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress(APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to contest for the office of president of Nigeria in 2023. 
The group at a media briefing yesterday, described the former Lagos state Govenor as a man of integrity who will consolidate on the Good work of president Muhammadu Buhari. 
National president of the religious group, Mall. Abu Abdullah,affirmed that the association has declared its total support for Ahmed Tinubu in 2023.
“We are not ready, on account of ethnicity and religion, to continue killing ourselves silently, and we are not supporting him because of any thing other than our previous experiences with him. He has confirmed himself as a man of integrity, and a complete man of honor”
“We are not claiming that is holy, but he is a gifted being that can successfully manage the present crisis of this country” 
“Tinubu has always believed in God, and he always stands by his words” 
“We are talking based on his previous achievements, and he has proven to the entire nation that he is the best political manager” 
“If at the time OBJ was President, the majority of Nigerians strongly believed that Lagos could not survive at that time and the governor as at then, Bola Ahmed Tinubu said he is going to manage it, and he did it in a near perfect way, to the extent that the entire nation including other State governors were surprised”
What a wonderful political manager, such that even as at then, all the other State governors had deep admiration for his ability to manage the economic crisis more than any one of them.
“He is not desperate like most other politicians, and we realized that all the attacks on him are just to frustrate him out of Nigerian politics.We know he has many machineries to fight back, but instead, he has always remained calm for peace to rein” 
With all these, he has proven to the entire world that power is giving by Almighty Allah, and not by do-or-die”
After the series meeting with the entire representative of the Muslim Ummah across the thirty-six states, we decided to throw our full support behind him, and we don’t want to believe that all attacks on him is because of his religion or any reason other than political interests”
“However, our own support for him is just because we believe he is the most deserving candidate from the Southern part of the country”
“He created many legitimate sources of income for other jobless Lagosians as another way of life, and this made Lagos attractive to other regions to settle down, in a peaceful way”
For the present situation of the country, with the economic and security challenges facing us, Tinubu is very much needed to come and assist the  masses of this country.
“We are hereby pleading on his behalf, and calling all Nigerians that we should completely set side all tribal or religious sentiments, and join our hands together to invite him to come and lead the affairs of the country”
Abu Abdullah added that the group had consistently met with one of Tinubu’s political stalwarts, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje, to work together for the achualization of Tinubu in 2023. 
“Being an Islamic association does not stop us from coming together with any other group to look for final and permanent solution to the crises in our society”
“Please, as long as one religion can not win election for her member, or there is no single ethnic group that can win election for her tribal member, we also call on the Christian bodies to join together and assist this country, spiritually and physically and forget the religious and ethnic diferences”



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