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Hon Saleh and tragedy of leadership

By Simon Reef Musa

Rep Gabriel Saleh is a metaphor for how not to make democracy work for the majority good. His appearance on Channels this morning and his confused double speak reveal a troubling disposition on faulty recruitment of leaders in our country.

How did Saleh make it to the National Assembly? Okay, he was foisted on the people. When the electorate abandon their rights to a cabal interested in building their empires, the characters of Saleh become inevitable.

It is,a shame and disservice to shout for good governance and end up with people like Saleh as our national representative.

The truth is that democracy has been hijacked by those who should not be allowed near the hallowed chambers of the NASS. How do we end up allowing Rep Saleh to represent us?

We have many Salehs our disreputable cabal has created. I remember vividly that when Luka Binniyat attempted to contest the Kaduna State House of Assembly election, the cabal insisted on the incumbent to be returned.

The reason then was that the incumbent never made money during his first tenure. The man who wields the stick insisted Hon Angulu must be returned and that he did. Since returning to the hallowed – or is it hollow- chamber, nothing has been heard from him. When has participation in Democratic contest avails participants of an opportunity to make money?
Our politics simply is for economic empowerment and enthroning powerful individuals to game the system. That is why nothing works in Nigeria. Rep Saleh is,a reflection of the disease that is plaguing us as Southern Kaduna.

No matter how we scream to high heavens, we may never get it right as we are won’t to bark at the wrong dark. If we can review our leadership recruitment process, it may afford us a light to understand a system that has produced characters like Rep Saleh.

Photo & Video Credit – Channels TV



  1. Hon Saleh spoke the truth about his government. It wasn’t by choice but by God’s intervention. He couldn’t guide his lies.


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