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Islamic Yew Year; Christian Clerics Felicitate With Muslims

Islamic new year; Nigerian Christian clerics felicitate with Muslims scholars/Umma around the world, & urged to promote peace and unity to boost interfaith activities

As Muslims round the world continued their celebration to mark the arrival  of the newly Islamic year ,Team of Nigerian Christian cleric felicitate with all Muslims across the 36 states of Nigeria  including Africa, and urged them to intensify prayers for peace and unity in the country and west Africa at large

Pastor yohanna buru make the called when a team of  Muslim youth visited him at his resident in sabon Tasha,a region in southern part of kaduna-north-western Nigeria, in other to immensely  extend friendly relationship with him and other christian youth organization that are living in the area for peace building,

Pastor yohanna wishes every Muslims in the state ,and across the world a happy Islamic New Year celebration, and enjoined residents of the state to continue living harmoniously and peacefully with tolerance and understanding, so as to support Government mission in promoting peace and unity among its citizens.

According to buru” Nigerian must  show Tolerance, forgiveness and help Government in spreading the message of peace, unity among  its  citizens ,and also to support the government in tackling all forms of ethno-religious, political and regional differences  in other to make nIgeria great”

Buru said ,we must congratulate our Muslims brothers that are celebrating their Happy new year Today ,and that we should always remember that “We are from one family Adam and Eve, worshiping one God; and we all believed in paradise and hell, as well as believed in the day of resurrection,and  believing  also in Holy bible and Qur’an ,there fore, we congratulate the muslim umma round the world ,and we are hoping to join them in the celebration ,in other to promote religious tolerance and forgiveness

Buru further appealed to all Muslims to always remember the less –privileged in the society, begged them to assist Orphans and widowns,

Also responding from the team of the Christian leaders that interact with the muslims youth to promote peace at pastor yohanna resident ,Revren Titus ishiaku of the Christ evangelical church in kaduna, has urged muslims and christian youth  leaders to shun hate speeches and encouraged youth to always live in peace and harmony

Mallam gambo Abdullahi barnawa, who is one of the youth leaders in the state says,the celebration of the happy new Islamic year is not only for muslims,buth to all human kind,while thanking the christian leaders for Sending SMS to muslims youths in congratulating them for the new Islamic year



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